Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Power of Asking

Just to add on to my previous post, the other day, while on the bus, I didn't had loose change (and I forgot to top up my EZ link card)...

It put me in a lil 'difficult' position... hence, I went to ask the first passenger for some change. I handed her a $10 note, which she didn't had any change. But, she had coins... and she kept digging into her purse.. 70cents, 80cents... "wait, wait... here 90 cents".

I was relieved. And asked here was there a way that I could pay her in return. She said no worries...

Really am surprise to meet such a wonderful person, who 'saved' my journey in the bus!

And to top it, it reminds me of the power of asking.. for hadn't I had the courage to ask, I wouldn't have had that bus ride, and more importantly to have met such a wonderful person.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Asking, Listening, Moving

Been a lil busy lately... but I must write this down. Ive just known a new friend recently through a course, and he mentioned about getting ideas from others.

He reminded me about the power of asking.. to just ask people for ideas/ support. And then just wait and listen. Along the way, we will get feedback and ideas, some from very influential sources or who can lead us there.

The thing I learnt is to just continue to share our works, dreams and goals with others... and these people may eventually connect us to others who can be our associates, partners, etc.

So, I'm going to apply this ie continue talking, sharing... listening to the feedback.. and finally moving in bounds! I hope you will too! :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Thank you for the Votes!

I would like to say my sincere gratitude for you guys who have voted for me to be the top People's Choice Guess Faces to Watch (Malaysia) :)

Now, am hoping to make it to the International Grand Finals! Gotta keep believing! :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pushing Boundaries: Going Beyond

A recent conversation with a friend and an acquintance has got me thinking quite a bit... at first he asked me to tell him what I've done so far this year, and I explained. Well, it was a good year, but he said, could have been much better.

I was a little stunned at first. I admit it could, but somehow still am learning the ropes.

But after some thought, I think that he's right. That it's all up to me to create the future I want... and yes, I can make much more.

So I now need to dream even bigger... and then next to push the boundaries much further... to an extent that I'm going beyond what many people have done before!

Wow, sounds huge...! :) Gonna make this happen!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting a PAT on the back

It's always nice to get a pat on the back. For me, these are forms of recognition and encouragement for us to go on :) Just to share, one of the good 'pats' is to be featured in my alma marter's 180 years commemorative book which was just launched last Saturday... in addition, it was also an honour to give a speech to my fellow old boys at the launch! :)

Embracing the LOVE

Half the people we meet normally say 'the cup is half full'. And these people normally say that they don't get enough love. At times, I must admit I fall into this group.

But, I realised recently, that that is not true. There is really a lot of love surrouding me - and people loving me.

Just take our parents - my mum, dad. My siblings - sis & bro. Sometimes as Asians we don't verbally say that we love each other, but deep down we just know it :)

And then, there are the friends - close and not-so-close ones who love us as well and who always have the best wishes for us. This one may be a lil tougher to see, but we can be rest assured that they care :) Just like how we care and love them as well, tough we may seldom meet/ talk.

This understanding of LOVE really lightens up our lives, especially so with this holiday season :) It's so nice just embracing it!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stop. Relax. Read. Rebound

Been rather exhausted the past week... was rushing for some projects and also to one extend was using the thinking cap quite a bit (as there's so many strategies to implement).

My friend told me to be careful not to be burnt out :) Another friend of mine also told me to give some time to myself as well. And the latest, one friend mentioned that I had the 'worry look' tough we were just over dinner - gosh haha.

Yesterday I took half day off. Stopped work. Listened to music. Taking time off for myself. Just relax...! :)

And when I was more calm, I took up a book and read it. Wow. The book really 'hit' me. It was just what I wanted to read - on moving on (will share bout it soon :) ).

And now, Im fresh again :) It's midweek, and there's still lots of things to achieve! Wow - the energy!

This strategy do work and I strongly recommend for sometimes, we really need time off :)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

To Appreciate

Recent happenings in my life made me realise that I should appreciate all the good things that I have - big or small things - from our daily activities, senses, to what people do for us.

Among others, my friend just mentioned that actually even to walk should not be taken for granted. He just came out from operation a month back and of course he can relate closely to that.

I too had one experience sometime back where my back muscles were so pain I had to lay on bed for 15-20 mins. That made me appreciate what I have - and each walk, or like my friend said, each step.

There are other things in life that I sometimes take for granted too. But once in a while, I'll get this reminder. Let's just hope that it doesn't get too late to be appreciative and thankful :)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

MY LOVE Matters

I would like to share something that I've recently gained through attending one of the courses which I've attended over the weekend - the Power of Intimacy (by Asiaworks Training). The course is not meant just for lovers ie gf-bf, husband-wife relationships, but more so relationships to everyone in general.

Different people learnt different things, but for me, what I gained from the course is I'm able to learn to acknowledge all my achievements, and more importantly to Love myself. A few of my coursemates were discussing that when we are 'full', it's easier to give in abundance.

At first, I couldn't really get them, as I thought as long as we give, it should be good. But then I realised that if we are not full of love of ourselves, when we give, we actually 'take' something in return (or it's not like giving freely).

Learning this, I can understand how it is to be free and light. I needn't prove to anyone what I'm doing to show that I'm doing good or better than them tough it's a different route that I'm taking - this unconventional route.

Today I was referred to an acquintance, and we had a lil bit of disagreement in opinions. At first, I was trying to tell her my point, but later I realised that I needn't to. It doesn't really matter that her opinion differs - I need not prove her anything - opinions are opinions. All I'm happy is that there are so many others who appreciate and share the same opinion with me already (just making sure that I'm on right track). :)

So, I realise that all I need is to be happy with my works... and to acknowledge the achievements I've achieved so far... putting MY own LOVE in heart :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Vote for Me (Thanks!) :)

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Feet

I love cartoons - especially cartoons on big screens because there is normally a good storyline to it. And of course the music is normally quite inspiring too - just like 'When you believe' (Prince of Egypt) or 'Someday' (Hunchback of Notre Dame).

And among my favourite cartoons of all time is Lilo & Stitch - love the island life potrayed, but most of all the story behind Ohana - on love and family bond.

So, when my friends suggested Happy Feet, I was all set to watch it. I knew it was gonna be something nice, and if it was inspiring, that will be a good bonus!

I love the way the pop songs were integrated into the movie. And how each scenario/ situation had a song.

But most of all, I like the idea whereby the hero stood by his ideals, and saw that it went through for the benefit of his fellow penguins. It is by no mistake, cartoons generally end well, so its predicted! :)

Some may find all these a lil too ideal, but if we believe and want something enough, it will come true! (it's no Secret!)

So, if this season, you want to relax a lil, laugh a lil, and be inspired in a way... go on, call your friends, family members, clerics to relax their FEET and have a good HAPPY time!

Check the Happy Feet preview -

Monday, November 27, 2006


A friend came over last night and passed me a DVD that has been told to me by five different people since August this year. All their comments have been very positive - aksing me to go watch it. So, when my friend came over last night and said 'You must watch this DVD - very powerful', I was delighted...!

It was rather late (12+ am), but I just had to watch it... this DVD has made me so curious! So, tough a little late, I popped it in my computer, and watched The Secret being revealed!

After watching it, I now understand how certain things in my life have been achieved because I have been applying The Secret. One of the best examples are publishing my dream Batik Inspirations book because I visualised it, and really wanted it published.

And I agree too, that when I want to get that area of parking lot, I normally get it for I visualise it - and then like the DVD said, I send the 'energy' out.

A friend of mine just went for a back operation as well.. and the doctors were surprised with his recovery period. He could walk so much earlier than the others... I believe subconciously he too was believing in The Secret; ie that he wanted a speedy recovery!

There are so many other examples in my life and things that I see has happened because of this Secret. And now that I have learnt it, I hope to use it to a higher level - and to pass it forward... For those of you who have yet to watch it, I repeat what my friends have said - 'You must watch it. It is very powerful!'.

Let's share The Secret!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

GROW & GLOW with the FLOW

There are many times when I meet so many people who complain about the obstacles or the negative points they face or will face on certain matters should they embark on something (like starting a new business, a new career switch, a new phase of life eg. marriage).

During my course in business so far, I've learnt that we shouldn't be bugged down by these obstacles, but instead look at ways that we can do something to compliment them, rather then figthing against them.

For example, many people are saying that goods from China and India are too cheap, or that they are not qualified (haven't learnt the trade, etc). There are also times whereby new products find it difficult because they are fighting against the market forces.

Rather than to whine, it is actually better to think of ways that we can find a solution into these problems. For example, if China is cheap, then maybe how about looking into getting labour from there? And outsourcing to India which many MNCs has done?

And if we are not qualified in certain aspects to do something, we can start by asking around. As for the market forces, why not do things/ products/ services that compliment then to fight against it? Maybe do some revision in the product or marketing to it?

All said, it's just about going with the flow.. and with that I'm sure we will GROW & GLOW!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Remain Focused

Sometimes there are moments when I feel that doing something else seems so much easier. These challenging moments can be quite disillusioning...

In every journey we take, there tend to be obstacles - big and small all along the pathways. If not careful, they can really put a stop in our quest to achieve our goals.

But, the main thing in life, is to not loose focus, and to just continue to persevere. That doesn't mean we keep on doing something which will not work, but to adjust accordingly to make them work, and succeed.

We can still divert/ diversify in other things (like add-ons), but not to forget that our main goal is still the main drive.

Along the way, we will be recognised for our works, and the returns will come eventually... and these pat on the backs will just remind us of continuing our journey and to remain focused.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


I was talking to someone recently and he mentioned that "I don't plan to do Big Big things...". He was giving me examples like he doesn't need to be the CEO or Chairman of the company but will be happy to be able to contribute as an employee.

Although some of my close friends know that when I want to do something, I normally mean Big things, but that's just me... my nature that I like mega stuffs :) But, that's just me, and not everyone needs to be the same.

I totally agree that we need not be creating big things, or being in high positions. For me, more importantly is to do what the heart desires. We can just be who we want to be. For example in our career, if we find that being an engineer, an accountant, or IT specialist is what we like, then choose that path.

Or if we like to meet people and like to be a waiter, then be one. During my uni days, I was a waiter, and I enjoyed meeting lots of different people. And I know of a few waiters/ waitresses who are happy with what they are doing - and they are rewarded fairly well for that.

Once we have chosen our career choice, the next thing is to put our whole heart into it and to do our BEST in it. That means, constant updating of what we are doing, learning new things, etc. You need not aim to be the best engineer in town, but at least a good engineer - someone who is happy at his job and hence producing good results.

And being our best applies to every other aspect of our life too - as a son/ daugther, father/ mother, friend, cleric, etc.

Our life is really up to us to decide - there are options everywhere. And when we have chosen our path, le'ts Be Our BEST!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

You are Special

Today's post will be more like an encouragement to all... that each and everyone of us are unique. And that each of us have good virtues which makes us different from each other - making us special.

The times when we feel bad or lousy, all we have to do is look at the special qualities we have - qualitites that people have praised us for before. And that can make our day...

And in fact, when we continue to be special, we can and will achieve greater things. So, never ever feel lousy for long... always remember that you - me, we are special :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Continue Learning - Continue Growing

When I was in school, I remember saying, how nice it would be to be in adulthood - no more books after books to study and facts to memorize! These were the thoughts, and talks my friends and myself had. I guess it was the study pressure we had then, and also because we couldn't see the value in some of the subjects we learnt.

But looking back - whatever I've learnt in school, although some not used directly in my career/ life now, however, it does play a part or role in some decisions I make.

For example, the accounting methods I learnt are still useful in my business. And the languages are never so important until now - how I realised that good communication (verbal and written) is important in building a lasting relationship with families, friends, and business associates.

In addition, History allows us to know the past and how it has shaped the present. This will be useful in understanding both our and others' culture and background. And this deeper understanding will enable us to relate to others better. The list just goes on...

And the growth and sklls are also learnt through extra corricular activities like from organising activities/ events to dealing with other commmittee members. These skills help in shaping my interactions and decisions today.

Although now that I've graduated from school and learning is no more a 'must', but I believe that it is good to continue to learn new skills and new things that can help us in any or every aspect of our life.

Earlier today, one of my friends told me about a new book she has just started reading. From the way I see it, this lady do not need to read any books - she's already so successful in her business! But I too believe that this book will continue to reinforce her skills and also add something new to her.

And I know of many successful people who continue reading books which can help improve their lives - relationships or business.

The thing about learning is that it not only falls within books, but also by attending seminars, classes, or just by pure observations (eg. on people's behaviour patterns, how companies and organisations work) and also from our daily conversations (both 'light' and 'heavy'). And even more interesting is that I learn something new each day from work from designing to printing etc.

So, go on and continue to learn and grow with each new day. Pick up a new skill, a new hobby, or anything that you think will add value in your life - now or future!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Count Our BLESS-Sings

I called a friend yesterday to catch up on things and was very encouraged with his words of encouragement and admiration. I feel very delighted when he could see and recognised the hard work I've put into the business (a recognition is always welcomed once in a while :) ). More importantly, he asked me to just give myself a pat on the back once in a while.

Like many other entrepreneurs, sometimes, I am very hard on myself, especially on everey mistake, or on outcomes I didn't expect. At these moments, I sometimes forget to see the achievements that I have achieved, but only look on the problems... and blame myself.

Now, it's good to see the problems, and solve them. However, there are moments when I believe we should just take time to acknowledge ourselves on our accomplishments for where we are today - and not feel too bad.

I agree with my friend that we should count the blessings we've gotten so far. No doubt there is still a long way to go, but it would be nice to just sit down for a minute or two and think of all the good things - both big and small that we've accomplished, and also the things that we have (and bad things that we don't have eg. natural disasters)... and smile that big smile :) And that is the smile that will take and see us through those rough moments!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Bouncing back

Sometimes there are moments in business, or in life in general, when there are unmet expectations, there tend to be dissapointments.

In these moments, I would like to just take a break - relax... take time to just think of nothing but happy thoughts, and if possible take my mind off the subject of concern. Different people have different ways in doing so. For me, I'll go to the movies or have a walk at the beach.

After some time (maybe a few hours or a day or two), I'll then go through a post-mortem, and see if there were anything that could be done in another way to avoid such situations. And also to learn from the whole event.

Finally, it's time to restrategise again. I restrategise every once in a while, and not only in 'bad' times - especially in every quarter. The aim - to bounce back; not to be drowned and swept away from the ultimate goal and dream. In this process, I'll write the main goal and break them into parts that needs attention and focus.

The idea is not to take defeat and be bitter about it, but instead to turn it around, bounce from it, and ultimately be a hero from it. For the greater the challenges, when we rise, the greater a hero we are.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Enjoy the MOMENTS... Live the JOURNEY

I have friends who have been telling me that their lives are like a 'roller-coaster ride' - where it can go up and also at the same time go down.

I do think that that is quite true in life. I've been experiencing that myself. There are times in my life that I feel on top of the world, and I can just let my hands loose, feel the breeze - that sense of success and accomplishment. That moment of greatness... I always imagine myself on top of a high mountain overlooking the horizon, with sunset sky in orange, gold and purple. Wow! These can be big accomplishments for me, or even getting some small work done, or some things moving.

As much as there are those good moments, there are times too when I can be badly affected when I face some obstacles - especially those that pull the carpet right under my feet. As much as I don't want these to happen, but they do appear in my life.

But, what I would like to share is that whatever it is - good and bad is only for, but a moment. The unwanted bad thing might have had happened, but then it's a past. Rather than be bogged by it, I will ask 'What can we do to improve the situation?' 'Any solutions? ', 'What can we learn from that mistake?'

And so are the good times. When we achieve success, let's enjoy it - feel that energy, that sense of empowerment. Go on and have a good time! For that too is only for the moment, which will soon become a past achievement. And hence, we need to continuosly search for new accomplishments. Of course, the discipline, and experience that we've gained will always be good tools for the future.

This relates to the saying that 'life is not a destination, but a journey'. When I first heard this, I didn't paid much attention to it. But after some time, I slowly began to understand it, and now I believe that it is so true!

This makes me to strive to enjoy whatever I do - and no matter what situation happens. It's not easy especially if things go wrong - or if the setbacks are pretty major. But I hope to just learn from mistakes and improve, and avoid being affected by it.

So, for me, this journey of mine is to be treasured - the whole experience. And I hope that you too will treasure your journey in life in your quest of achieving your goals and dreams, and as we mature for greater heights.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Living Life The Fullest

Recently, a close friend's relative passed away. The family was sad for her departure. But I told my friend not to be sad or discouraged, because while she was alive, she lead a very happy life.

The incident left me wondering as to how fragile life is and what do we actually want to achieve?

I think the right answer will be: to have no regrets. And in that, I mean living life to the fullest - daring to dream (or in some cases, to dream again), doing the best in everything that we do, giving all our best - heart, mind and soul.

We need not do huge & big stuff, but as long as whatever we do (be it in family, career, work, relationship, etc), we do it because we want to, and put all our passion for it.

Going back to my friend's relative, I could see she lead a wonderful life, whereby altough missed by her family members and friends, but they all can proudly say with a smile - that she lived her life fullest...

Let's too live a life that have no regrets - living life the fullest, and the best we could! Thumbs Up

Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's not the past that matters, but the PRESENT

Do you ever encounter people who just talk about the past... they either keep on telling you how good they have been, their goals - but somehow can't do it again, etc etc...

Others tend to be the other way... just harping on how 'bad' things were, how cruel the world is... and they keep on continuing on that too.

Now, it's true the past made us who we are today... However, the past is the past. Yes, simply as that.

And what matters now is the 'present' Present - today. For that will shape our future... a limitless future.

So let's let go of the past and start afresh.. leaving those heartaches & bitterness behind (but keeping those wonderful memories), and keep moving forward.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

One Step At A Time...

'Take one step at a time... slowly but surely', the takeaway from yesterday's meeting with a friend.

Says, let's make a small step each day to our goal, and destination... and finally we will reach there.

Boy, is she right! If everyday we do bit by bit on our work, business, dream, we will be able to achieve it in the end.

In business, there is just so much things to learn, especially when it's a new start-up... nearly everyday I'm learning something new... at times this can be challenging, and tiring too. But my friend's words were 'music to my ears'.

This reminds me of my previous thought that most (if not every) successful person - be it a sports player, singer, actor, business director, etc have been learning the 'trade' and polishing their skills each day to be who they are today... Many people don't realise the hardwork, behind-the-scenes they have achieve, but I'm pretty certain that they have worked very hard... and that they didn't become who they are out of the blue...

So for me, I can at least be proud that the steep learning process that I am in now, will be crucial factor in me achieving my dreams... and that I can say, well, it's a wonderful learning experience Sprinkler

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

3.5 Months Of Glory

Some of my friends seem to say that the year end is near... and they seem to shelve every idea/plans to next year.

Tough I agree we should plan for next year in advance, but I must say, that there is still another 3.5 months to go before we welcome 2007!

And comparatively 3.5 months is still 30% of the year left - that is quite substantial-lah! We can still make a big difference in these coming months of September, October, November, and December - be it for business, career, family, etc.

If the year has just been so-so for any of us, then let's change the next 3.5 months to make 2006 a memorable one! And if the past months has been great, let's continue making it great, or even better it!

The point is - there's still 3.5 months for 2006... it's up to us to decide how we want to shape it. As for me, I hope to make the next 3.5 months 3.5 months of Glory! So, let's work together, motivate each other, to make 2006 a great year!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

CHOICE & Wants

'It's all about choice,' my friend tells me over a drink yesterday night.

This friend of mine is a bubbly girl, with so much of energy! Jumping Jacks Her energy level yesterday was as usual - very high and just being with her, she boosted my energy level too!

She was humuourous and funny... and got me laughing to stitches. It has been such a long time I laughed so much! :)

But despite all the jokes, there was a serious tone in her - especially when she mentioned about her new revived business. And she spoke with much determination.

And she left a word of wisdom to me: CHOICE. It's all a matter of us having choices in life - to succeed or to fail; and to be who we want to be (or not).

Although I've heard that many times before, but meeting her again was a gentle reminder to myself, that I have a choice.. in fact choices - every minute, everyday!

It was no coincidence that when I went back, I read a book, and it too said, 'Think wisely who you want to be, for you will be what your heart desires'. Well, and it relates back to my conversation with this friend of mine - that we have a choice, to be who we want to be... and if we work towards it by making the 'right' choices, we will be who we want to eventually.

Another friend of mine too once told me that it's just setting up a vision - visualise it, and the power is in our hands! Our decisions will be stirred towards our wants/ vision...

It really is that powerful - for we can be whoever we dream of being! Snowboarding

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Simply inspiring

These few weeks, Ive been meeting lots of people/ friends... and as usual, after sometime not meeting them, I normally ask them how are things currently.

Ive recently met up with a new friend of mine, who although at a young age, has achieved so much in his career. More interestingly, not many people believed in him initially as when he first started working, he didn't had much qualifications... but he was determined to equip himself, and he went on to work full time, and study part time.. from getting a Diploma then Advance Diploma to a Degree... and finally, the MBA. He worked during the day, and studied at nights. Now, who would have guessed that this guy could have gone all the way! It was only his determination, and hunger for success that made him achieve such great results! Seeing him today, I don't think anyone could guess how he was when he was younger haha...

Ive also met up with a few other friends yesterday, and they were telling me about their lives. I was inspired by them as well - for they are taking small steps in realising their dreams. Compare that with one year ago when I first knew them, they have blossomed and matured. I think one reason is they are clearer on their goals.

By meeting all of my friends, it has inspired me in a way... for it shows that we can be who we want to be - just be clear on what we want, and believe in it.

So just believe, achieve... and then inspire... and the circle continues!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Paying Forward: A matter of Choice

Today, I met a cleric of mine... she's the type of person/ cleric who everyone would love to meet - for she is like a Sunshine each time. Really the very few rare people who continuosly shines and give you that warmth glow after. Big Hug

Today she was telling about a situation that she was in just over the weekend. In the Sat afternoon, she hopped onto a taxi, requested the driver to go to 'Zouk' (a disco in Singapore). She was reading in the taxi, and when she looked up again... she was at 'Zoo'... (I was laughing out loud when she told me that! haha)...

Wow! Imagine going to 2 different places (and with a running meter!). She said she had a choice - get mad, or be cool. The taxi driver panicked and sped to Zouk... she kept telling the driver, 'Don't worry, it's ok... no need to drive fast... I won't get angry, or negotiate the taxi fare'.

What touched me was her actions (or choice of being cool). Well, if she gotten angry, she would make the driver angry, and then the next customer may not have a very good ride (and it goes on... the ripple effect).

So, instead of being angry or mad, she wanted to 'pay it forward' and 'pass it on'. So she was cool, the driver was happy, and hopefully the next passenger will be happy too!

Such a simple tought of hers, but with such great impact!

Hearing her say this, it just reinforce that in life, we do have choices.... and it's up to us to choose what we want to do...
and we realise that we are who we are today for the choices we've done yesterday.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Hi, welcome, and be inspired :)

Hello there... rather new to this, hence it maybe a lil awkward for the start haha.

Actually, at first, I don't know why I created this blog... but I guess this place should be a medium for me to express myself, my business, and 'livelier' side of me... a less formal site as compared to the main website of my business.

Although in life, there are many ups and downs (and I have my fair share of both), however, I plan to focus only on the happier side, as not to dwell into the problems, but to move ahead. So here is a place where there will be only 'goodies' haha :)

And I do hope that in my writings, I will be able to inspire myself (you know the more 'good stuff' we read/ feel, the better we become)... but more importantly too, a tool for everyone who reads this to be inspired as well.

Enuff said... so, hi, welcome, and be inspired! :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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Visiting China is not complete without these encounters. But just beware!

China Food

Local food in Hangzhou & Wuzhen.

China Budget Hotel
Budget hotels in Hangzhou and Wuzhen... know what to expect without getting cheated.

Are You From China?
Ways to blend in with the Chinese. Especially useful for when bargaining!

Definitely Not From China!
Guess where these people are from? Haha!

China Souvenir
The things I bought in China - from Hangzhou's famous green tea to Shanghai's art paintings and other unique souvenirs.

Places To Visit
Places To Visit: Shanghai
I actually visited some of these not so famous places around Shanghai as well - a way to discover the city fully.

Shanghai Holiday Updates

Quick Guide on Shanghai hotels, Shanghai shopping, Shanghai sightseeing places (Jing An Temple, People's Park, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall) and Shanghai food.

Shanghai Circus World
Touted as the must-see, and must-not-miss performance in Shanghai is this Cirque Du Soleil type performance.

Yuyuan Garden Bazaar
The popular area for Chinese antiques and Shanghai/ China arts.

Shanghai Xintiandi
The place to hangout in Shanghai at night.

Shanghai Wax Museum
From Tom Cruise, Nicol Kidman, Brad Pitt, the Beckhams, Bill Gates, Jay Chou, Michelle Yeoh, Andy Lau, Jacky Chan and more.... they are all here under one roof!

Shanghai Nanjing Road
The popular tourist shopping destination of Shanghai Nanjing Road East.

Staying In Shanghai
Shanghai Budget Hotel
5 budget hotels & 1 4 star hotel reviewed. This is a good list to know when wanting to find out where to stay in Shanghai.

Moving Around Shanghai
Getting Around Shanghai
Learning how to use the Shanghai metro and the Shanghai taxis/ cabs.

Shanghai - Hangzhou: Bullet Train

Fast, convenient, clean... it's really one of the better ways to get to the 'most scenic cities' in China.

Eating In Shanghai
Shanghai Food
The good and unique food in Shanghai.

Shanghai Snack
The many in between food available in Shanghai, including their desserts.

Interesting Shanghai Moments
I'll Miss You, Shanghai

12 things that made me miss this vibrant China city! (tourists & even locals can share some same sentiments, for sure).

Shocking Shanghai!
The things that shocked me in Shanghai...!

Eating Ice Cream At Zero Degrees
From Pudong to the Bund in Shanghai... winter's the best time to have ice cream!

Ice Cream, Desset & Winter Wear In Cold Shanghai

Things to to do during the winter season - to have a fun time in Shanghai!

Hangzhou West Lake
Turn any corner, and get the postcard view of the beautiful Hangzhou westlake. No wonder they all come here!

Hangzhou Shopping!
From the old town of Qinghefang with many cultural and tourist shops to the more modern shops at Yan'an Road, this is a must visit to soak int Hangzhou's atmosphere of old & new.

Things To Do: Hangzhou
There's more to Hangzhou beyond the Westlake & shopping like visiting green tea plantations, silk factories and pearl factories. Of course, cycling or walking in the West Lake area is nice as well with its many scenic views.

Song Dynasty
The grand show/ performance in Hangzhou which live up to its own billing "Miss this, and you miss Hangzhou!"

The water town village of Wuzhen - where they filmed Mission Impossible 3!

Wuzhen Dongzha
One of the 2 must see places in Wuzhen, with strong culture and history.

Wuzhen Xizha
The more scenic spot of the 2 must see parts in Wuzhen, with many bridges amongst the many scenice canals.

Wuzhen - Shanghai
Going from the small town back to the bustling China city by coach.



Taiwan Design
Beautiful designs from brochures & posters to street art can be seen around the city.

Taiwan Bullet Train
Fast, modern & comfortable... a must sit ride in Taiwan.

Jay Chou's Restaurant
Lucky to be able to visit this talented musician's restaurant, which features him all over (but who's complaining?) :)

Unique Taiwan Food
Some may find it weird, others will find them normal... in any case, these are what makes Taiwan (& its cuisine) unique.

Traditional Taiwan's Breakfast
Despite all modernity, one should try a chance at eating at its traditional food outlets... and trying its you tiao!

Din Tai Fung Taiwan
One of Taiwan's most famous restaurant, known for its all time favourite, the xiao long bao!

Taiwan Seafood
Just like the many seafood restaurants, one is to eat it fresh!

Smelly Tofu
Another one of Taiwan's unique food... try it if you dare!

Taiwan National Palace Museum
One of the top 10 museums in the world. Truly a must visit in Taipei, weather you are a museum fan or not.

Taipei Grand Hotel
There is a reason for this hotel to be called so... being there, one will appreciate the architecture & reasons that went behind it.

Taipei 101
The icon of Taipei & Taiwan which can be seen from nearly every corner of the city.

Taiwan Is Cool
My experience here tells me this place really has an edge! Simply one of the reasons to fall in love with this country.

Friendly Taiwan
Some may not believe it, but my experience here is that the people are friendly and very accommodating.



Grand Indonesia
Everything about this country is grand... and this mall says it all.

Pacific Place
A luxurious high end mall in Jakarta. Seriously, Jakarta has many big malls!

Kepiting Asap/ BBQ Crabs
Popular seafood restaurant serving bbq crabs!


9 Thai Souvenirs
Souvenirs from the Land of Smiles.

Thai Ladyboy Musical
Talented & pretty Thai ladyboys perform on stage. They are fair, talented... and most of all, beautiful.

Unique Thai Toilet
An interesting toilet full of animals in Phuket Fantasea.

Phuket Fantasea
Thai's very own Disneyland theme park & cultural show, which is one of the main attractions in Phuket island.

Delicious Thai Food
Thai food is spicy, yet not heavy... a mix of sweet & sour. Aroy!

Thai Night Market
A host of colours and food - some of which are simply Thai.

More on Thai Night Markets
Looks a lil too familiar?

Unique Thai Temples
Temples & Thailand go hand in hand... these are a few unique temples in Phuket island: Wat Phranang Sang & Jui Temple.

Thai Temple: Wat Phratong
This is the half buried Buddha temple.

Patong Beach
The most popular beach in Phuket island.

Thai CDs
These are Thai pop that comes in great packaging.

The rather peaceful and less crowded beach holiday in Thailand. This place has its very own charms, and truly a place that one will like to come back. But ain't Thailand all like that? :)


Panoramic View Of Singapore
The views from one of the highest buildings is simply magnificent. Apart the great views of the East Coast to the Singapore Flyer, it reinforces something Singaporenas forget, that we are living on an island surrounded with blue waters.

East Coast Park Beach
The long stretch of beach in the East where Singaporeans & now even tourists come to play & have fun!

East Coast Park Hawker's Centre
This is the place that offers a full range of local Singapore food/ delicacies without burning a hole in the pocket... and at the same time eating with the seabreeze & seaview.

Singapore's Christmas Decorations (2007)
From Orchard Road to every other mall, this is really the best time to visit the island city... truly, it's Christmas in the tropics!

Singapore Christmas (2008)
This year's theme is a Sweet Christmas... and a sweet Christmas it is indeed!

Bazaar During Fasting Month: Geylang Serai

The 'mother of all pasar malams' come to live selling all sorts of goodies - from clothes to food & more!

Chinatown Singapore
Not really the image of modern city Singapore, but nevertheless this site is still in the heart of the city... giving a twist of old and new.

Singapore's Popular Claypot Rice
The wait for 40 minutes says it all.


Chinese New Year Malaysia
Not really a travel post if you are local Malaysian, but if you are from overseas, this is a take on how the Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year (in general, of course). Yes, there's yee sang to steamboat & popiah!

Magical, mystical... you name it. Langkawi is really is one of Malaysia's larger islands that offers nearly everything... And the best part, it's a gem that is not really discovered yet, which makes this place ideal to see nature & experience real kampung life!

Chinese New Year Malacca
The historical town of Malacca during the Chinese New Year... From the temples to the small streets, Malacca really does have the full spirit of New Year cum New Year! (and a must visit, I'd say!).

Beyond Jonker's Walk
Rather than taking the usual walk around Jonker Street/ Jonker Walk, I took this journey through the streets around it... and had quite a handful eye catching moments.

Kampung Lendu
A different sight of the usual - from kampung donuts, rubber estates and a Chinese village in the Malay kampung.

A Kampung Near Tanjung Kling
No need to go far away - a visit to the kampung is simply breathtaking!

Kampung Food
Ikan bakar (baked fish) plus other kampung food cooked and served fresh from the sea! And to have it with a sunset view, under the coconut tree - what bliss!

Little Nyonya Town

Though coming from Malacca, I had really wanted to see it from a tourist angle (and that include seeing it from the hit series Little Nyonya). Again, it's a walk in the heritage area - only difference, it was New Year, so it has many red lanterns this time round.

Trip To Port Dickson
The best part of going to Port Dickson (in Negeri Sembilan) from Malacca is to pass by the kampung and this quiet small town.

KL: Malaysia's Capital City
Everyday KL
From the monorail to the Puduraya and even a visit to Damansara. These are not so tourism holiday, but what KL-ites see most often than not.

Modern KL
Pavilion, one of the newer and big malls in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This trip made a good impression of KL being a modern city, once more.

Negeri Sembilan
Port Dickson
A revamped & cleaner beach makes this place a getaway for beach lovers in the West Coast of Malaysia.

Muar Town
With old shophouses and streets with lanterns during Chinese New Year, this small town sure makes a good few hours getaway!

Muar Food

The good food from the popular street food in Muar (yes, there's the otak otak!)

Jesselton Point
The jetty where I took the ride to Manukan island, with information on the jetty ride.

Manukan Island

I've always loved islands... and this is just perfect. Not too big, yet with its fine sand, picturesque views & good snorkeling spot, this is one super holiday!

Kota Kinabalu City

This is the city in my eyes - which I feel is very different from the usual cities in Malaysia... and I love the sea that is by its side!

Unique KK
More of interesting KK - including a 5 feet fish!

Gaya Market
The must-visit Sunday market is quite an eye opener & really interesting. It's not everday that a market sells rare animals from dogs to sea animals! (and more!)

Proboscis Monkey Tour Sabah
The boat ride off the town of Beufort, to see the monkey with its long funny nose. This one day trip is worth every experience. Managed to see some fireflies too.

KK Market
Kota Kinabalu's wet market. This is no ordinary market for a tourist - as I enjoyed seeing the many different seafood for sale. And they are all pretty huge!

More KK Markets
The KK dry market, the Filipino market & the Salted Fish Market. Another round of interesting markets that make KK unique!

KK Waterfront Market
Of all markets, I guess I miss this the most for it really has very yummy food! (If I go back to KK - it will be the Mt KK or for the bbq sotong!)

Good KK Food
From duck noodles to 3 layered iced tea and pineapple buns, KK sure have some good food finds.

Travel Tips: Kota Kinabalu

KK hotel review and transportation.

Kuching Travel Tips
Kuching hotel review & information on Kuching transportation.

Kuching Fort Margherita

The fort on the hill top. But what's more interesting is my journey to the top - passing by the Kuching River.

Kuching River Cruise
The picturesque & very calm river cruise in Kuching - seeing the city from a different view.

Kuching City
Icons of Kuching - including the Main Bazaar & Kuching Waterfront.

Kuching Chinatown & Kuching Little India

Narrow lanes in between old shophouses - this is the typcial Chinatown or Little India scene. But still very nice.

Kuching Fisherman Kampung

The first kampung i stopped on the way to Sarawak Cultural Village. My first real experience of a village by the sea.

More Kuching Kampung
The 2nd stop over. More seafood, and friendly Kuching people.

Sarawak Cultural Village
They don't call Sarawak multi cultural for no reason. This is the place that showcase what makes Sarawak so unique (truly, a must visit!).

Good Kuching Food

Some of the very best & must try Kuching food - from its seafood, unique vegetables & of course, its Sarawak laksa.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Jay Lim, Graphic Designer: Miss Hua
The creator of the Chinese-inspired Shanghai cartoon character.

Gee, Batik Artist: Batik!
The creator of colourful and vibrant cartoon style batik drawings.

Mikel, Food Entrepreneur: Singapore Peranakan Restaurant - The Arch
The guy behind fusion Peranakan food, bringing a whole new meaning to old & new.

Joe, Jeweller: Jewellery
The guy behind modern, colourful and unique jeweleries.

Hayden, Fashion Designer: Singapore Fashion
One of the top fashion designers in Singapore.

Kelvin Sng, Director + Eugene Tan, Producer + Yeow, Executive Producer: More Than Words Movie
One of Singapore's trio, working on a 70s style feature film.


Kenneth Lyen, Composer: Multi Talented Kenneth Lyen
Theatre music is his forte, and with a passion of growing the art scene in Singapore.

Karen Kong, Singer: Interview With Karen Kong
Chinese singer with a beautiful sweet voice, who sings in Mandarin, Malay and English.

Estranged, Indie Band: Interview With Estranged
The popular award winning indie band, who opened doors to more indie bands in the country (Malaysia).

Alvin Tan: Gemuk Girls
Founder of the then controversial theatre company... but now into the good books of the National Arts Council.

About Me: QuaChee

Some Background
I am a Malaccan who studied in Malaysia all the way till Form 6 (equivalent to A Levels). After that, I furthered my tertiary education in Nanyang Technology University (NTU), Singapore. Course: B. Acc.

What Have You Been Doing?
In 2005, I joined a course which helped me realise on 'urgency' and on living my dreams. At that time, I've been involved in insurance and real estate, but I knew that I wanted something more than just being an agent.

I took my first real step into publishing when I published Batik Inspirations - featuring top batik designers, published in Nov 2005.

batik inspirations book
International Edition

There was a second editon on the book, a localised Malaysian version - Batik Inspirations: Editions BLUE which featured messages by some prominent Malaysian leaders released in 2007.

batik book
Malaysian Edition

The 2 editions are available in a few majore bookstores across Asia - Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia (Jakarta), Taiwan, Hong Kong and Seoul. It's also available in Amazon. And I'm proud to say, that up to today, the book is still going strong in the region.

In Aug 2008, I finally realeased the 50+1 Malaysia book. This is another dream project, bringing people who love the nation together to showcase what they love about the country. This book creates a first for being an independent view, not from us publishers, but really, the rakyat and tourists themselves.

Current Works
Finally, I am glad to announce that I can embark on my other big dream - film productions, which is currently in the works.

A few new websites are also in the works + the revamp of The Malaysia Page site.

Publishing Dream
My aim is to lead my company to become a leading publisher from Asia - not in terms of quantity but quality and outreach. So far, there are not many Asian publishers making a mark globally. And I hope my company can change that and inspire as many people as possible :)

On Modeling & Acting
I do model for advertorials. It is a hobby & passion for me (and yes, a source of income).

On acting, in university, I played some main roles in the stage performances. And I've done a bit for Mediacorp and Jack Neo's Jteam.

My aim is to be an entertainer in my own way & style ie. not a 'manufactured product'. This may take time, but I think eventually it will be realised. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't need to work with the big companies which I think I will someday soon. The only difference is I have a control & direction in my works.

Business Ambition Defined
Apart from myself as an entertainer, my business goal is to build a global media network if I can humbly say so. It will encompass publishing (books, magazines, comics), films/movies, music and photography - with internet as the platform. That's why you can see my works are headed that way.

Of course, I have other dreams related to the lifestyle-entertainment industry as well like F&B, properties, and hotels. But, that is still a far dream at this point.

About This Blog
I started this blog in 2006 not knowing much about blogging. But recently, I've learned more about it, and it is really quite fun. I've actually known more blogging friends along the way - it really is a whole new community out there.

This blog is mainly my personal take on subjects close to me. As I'm living in Singapore and doing a lot of Malaysian business, so at this current moment, the focus is on things from both countries. Eventually, when my company expands regionally and later gloabally, hopefully by then I can give a more global outlook. But till then, let's focus on the 'lah' & 'leh' :) And also some bits of travels in Asia.

I've also created a new segment of this blog, where I interview and featured talented & inspiring Malaysians & Singaporeans every bi-weekly. I have always believed that we have the talents, and all that we need is exposure.

For this blog, I try to focus on the inspiring parts as much as I can, keeping this blog close to its initial aim - that is to inspire. In between, I do share my business & entrepreneur's journey.

Well, that's about me! Thanks for stopping by :)

*If you want to reach me, contact me via

Published: 26 April 2008
Last Update: 2 November 2008