Saturday, December 06, 2008

Port Dickson

After the stop at the small town, I continued my journey to my destination point - to the beach of Port Dickson.

But before I could reach the point, I made one more stop on the road.

port dickson palm oil treeThis is the view we so often pass on the highway. But never have I stopped by before to take a closer look.

Well, the reason I stopped is not really for the oil palm trees, but more so because I thought I saw something worth capturing.

port dickson lambs
A group of kambing biri biri (lambs) were passing by. They are not the fluffy white ones we see in overseas, but nevertheless interesting enough :)

port dickson lambsThere was actually a shepherd bringing them to their destination. Just like in the story books!

Well, that was my last stop and I then made my way. And finally, the next destination is the once famous Port Dickson.

port dickson beachThere are many hotels along the long stretches of beaches - all with the beautiful sea view. And this is the beach that claims to be the best in Port Dickson.

port dickson seaThis is the beautiful view from my room.

port dickson seasideThough the sands not white, but sleeping by with the sounds of the sea waves - that was good enough for this short getaway.

Though I must say, that still the journey up & back was what I enjoyed most.

On the way back, I was looking forward to see that lil town once again. However, because of my unfamiliarity with the area, I got lost and ended up taking another route and passing by another town.

This was the river that passed through one of the small towns on the way back. Already in Malacca, this town is called Kuala Sungai Baru.

I thought that the river looks nice - for a kampung scene in a movie (see the bridge!) - I can just imagine the schoolchildren running across the bridge in their school uniform, just after school :)

port dickson kuala sungai baruThough this town is not as beautiful as the one earlier, but interestingly, the shophouses are like half burried - because of the new road/ bridge.

port dickson housesWell, that's my Port Dickson trip. I did had a good swim at the sea, and the beach is clean above the usual West Coast standards. But if I do go back, it will be more to see the first street once again, and to enjoy my drive along Malaysia's kampung roads :)


  1. Nice stretch of beach. Which resort/hotel is that?

  2. @soo
    its bayou hotel - if i spell correctly :)

  3. My last trip to Port Dickson was in May. Wasn't that good because the apartment we stayed was old and dirty. But where you manage to find a clean sea that can swim in it?

  4. Dude, I like a nice holiday over in the beach... I found PD is quite commercialize and the beach is not that nice but you have a picture that shown a nice beach...

    hmmm... maybe i can hit PD for my next vacation :-p

    May i know how much is the rate for bayou hotel?

  5. PD has a number of private beach spots specially for use by guests of holiday chalets located along the stretch. The one I went to sometime back was pretty run down though. I'm sure there are newer or refurbished ones.

    Were you physically in the oil palm estate? I wonder if it's true that they rear snakes in these estates to rid them of mice.

    Nice pictures.

  6. Hello quachee, how are you doing? Dang dang dang dang~ This is bb community from Just to inform that i've back to my blog again and i wish you could enjoy reading over there. Oops, just to remind that the World's Largest Blogroll has move to as well.

    Have a nice day!

  7. I thought PD beach are dirty but your photos showed otherwise. Maybe only that very spot, is it? LOL! Nice to take a short break by the beach, but I agree that sometimes the journey is even better. I would also love to stop halfway like you, admiring the old shoplots and the shepherd with his kambing biri biri! Haha!
    You have got good imagination - regarding the schoolchildren running across the bridge. Hmmm, are we seeing the making of a good director? : )

  8. Bayou hotel? Sounds familiar ler. Yalor...the beach I went is so....dirty! Perhaps the one you visited is gazetted and off-limits for boats? Ha =)

  9. @horizon
    wow, im surprised to hear that. i dont know if pd has changed in such short time or is this a different beach. btw this is at bayou hotel (if i got the name rite). i think we all just want a nice clean beach ya :)

    its about rm180 with 2 bedrooms - apartment style. for a one day break or 1 nite only, i think its ok :)

    thank you! :)

    i was at the fringe of it. now that u mentioned, yes, ive heard of that too. and i think its true! :)

    welcome back and have fun blogging! :)

    honestly, ur very supportive lah. makes a blogger proud! hope i can be good director someday :)

    the beach is open to the public. all beaches in malaysia are for the public. on not allowing boats, hmm, not too sure :)

  10. was in port dickson laz week and i wanted to have some nice drinks over a football mactch and music .. but the only place i was told by the locals was head on to a hotel lobby. i was very supprise to find out there isnt any pub or cafe in the whole of port dickson to cater me and my friends . i suggest Port Dickson should have pubs or cafe’s out side hotels so that the visitor can walk in casuall and relaxed . Hotel outlets are expensive and have to be decent attire ( no slippers or shorts) .. Common laaa .. we come to Port Dickson to enjoy and not to spoil the mood . I hope the nex time I come with my frens to Port Dickson . i ll see a normal street pub or cafe . thanks


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