Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eating Ice Cream At Zero Degrees

china, shanghai poudong
Those living overseas or have gone for holidays overseas will agree. Back home, I've been to some 'cold' bar (at zero degrees) and thought it was fun!

Well, here in Shanghai, the weather is just that - and it's freezing me already!

china, shanghai, the bund

Anyway, just a quick update, I have visited Pudong in Shanghai (the one with the famous tower) and also the picturesque Bund.

And I've been taking lots of rest-stops - either in cafes or restaurants, hence making my eating times all go haywire. Cos, it's just so cold, that there is this feel of wanting to eat - usually for something hot.

But, despite the crave for hot food (like hot tea, hot soup), I did some crazy stuff too - like eating cold dessert here. This when I just ran in to hide in the cafe from icy cold wind.

Actually, just prior, I ate an ice cream - just to feel something cold with the cold weather! I had to try while they were selling ice cream in the middle of the road during this season! - the booth must be opened for a reason, right?

Anyway after 3 days in Shanghai, I'm now at Hangzhou... and that's to come up next :)


  1. Show us more photos, Quachee! I can imagine the cold - but to eat ice cream in freezing temperature? That's crazy, but it's worth a try - at least your ice cream won't melt so easily! LOL!

  2. Hi Q,
    foongpc was right. Post more photos! I would love to see the way that eat ice cream at 0 degree...:)

  3. to write about thing that going on while it happening is cool. its not cool when you have to keep it or write about it on a notepad or something and blogging about it later. really not cool :)

    i felt weird when seeing some westerner eating ice cream in winter! lol. but now you tell me the truth.

  4. @foongpc, robo & faisal
    thanks for the encouragement! im really inspired to share my trip because of you all! :)

    on the ice cream on winter - i think its a crazy thing. and im eating from ice creams to desserts now haha


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