Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shanghai To Hangzhou: Train

After 3 days in Shanghai, I have pre-planned to visit 'the most beautiful Chinese city' - Hangzhou.

I had bought my fast/ bullet train ticket just on the day prior - with the help of the hotel staff. He was kind enough & actually brought me all the way to the ticketing agent about 500m from the hotel (now this is really service! - and we're not talking about 5 star hotel!)

shanghai train stationI first arrived at this rather modern & huge structure - the Shanghai train station.

However, I found it a lil hard to navigate inside - with not much English directions. And it was also hard to find places to eat.

shanghai fast food, train stationAfter asking around a fair bit, I managed to get to the lower level - and found one of the fast food joints selling local dishes. This was already near the metro train.

shanghai train station, waiting roomAfter lunch, I went up to the waiting room (this was before it got crowded).

shanghai bullet trainAnd not long later, I was up on the bullet train, which was really comfortable. And they even have food (for purchase). A very pleasant ride & a good bargain (at 60+ yuan).

shanghai bullet train1.5 hours later, I arrive at Hangzhou's station - which wasn't really the same like mega Shanghai's (not yet maybe?).

Waited at the long queue for a taxi/ cab for about 20mins... and shortly afterwards, I was in this postcard town: Hangzhou! That's up next!


  1. If you didn't mention it's the train I would have thought you're in a plane. Haha.

    Merry Christmas, QuaChee! :)

  2. The Shanghai train station looks gigantic! Did you have problems with communications there?
    Oh yes, Merry Christmas & have an enjoyable time!! : )

  3. Hi Quachee, welcome to the Middle Kingdom. It's definitely a great experience riding the train in China. The facilities here are even better than our KTM in Malaysia.

    As for fast food that you ate, it's called Steam Kung Fu ( Chen Gong Fu) and it's the most succesful chinese Franchize in China. It has hundreds of stores in the whole China and the food is considered the healthiest, since all the dishes are steamed and prepared hygienically. There are documentaries showing their food preparation. Not to mention that their herbal soup is very healthy and nourishing too.

    Keep us posted more with your updates there.

    by the way, I personally love Hangzhou a lot.


  4. @day-dreamer
    ya, im very impressed how china has progressed so fast in such short period of time - they now have a bullet train and big efficient transport :)

    sometimes. but i just take the courage to ask around - and some will assist :)

    yes totally agree with you. im also impressed with their inter city busses!

    on the fast food Steam Kung Fu - ya, it sure is popular and good. think ill have more of it before i go back hehe.

    on hangzhou, im sure many do - its so beautiful heh. but what do you like about it there - anything specific? :)

  5. wow their local food looks so good to eat. what is that on the rice ? salty fish?

    how is their services? good?

  6. @lisalicious
    its actually minced meat. their services are ok. quite different from place to place :)


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