Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 10 2008 Malaysia Headlines

These are the Top 10 2008 Malaysia Headlines

As we usher in the New Year, let's just reflect a bit on beloved country, Malaysia.

1. Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek's resignation after admitting to be the one in the VCD. VCD aside, many were saying that it's rare for a politician to admit his/ her faults, and this is commendable. And in a surprise 'comeback' he later went on to become VP in MCA in October.

2. 8 March General Elections
This 'political tsunami' must be the biggest election fever ever in Malaysia - with intense campaigning. However, many were stunned with the results - where the ruling party Barisan Nasional (BN) didn't managed a 2/3rd majority vote and 5 states are now under the Pakatan Rakyat alliance.

3. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
From leading the opposition coalition to make massive inroads during the 8th General elections, to his rare appearance in the much aniticipated oil debate on TV, and his bigger majority win to be MP after his wife Datuk Seri Datin Wan Azizah stepped down to allow him to contest, he really made headlines in Malaysia.

On the other hand, there is the Saiful Bukhari allegations, the Bala incident and the 'haven't materialised' Sept 9 takeover.

4. Raja Petra & Behind Bars
The blogger behind the popular Malaysia Today site and the many articles on Altantuya's murder case was sent behind bars twice. And his site blocked in Malaysia. He has since been released.

A Sin Chew reporter (Tan Hoon Cheng) and MP Teresa Kok (MP of Seputeh) were also sent behind bars, and later released. Apparently, the reporter was sent in order to protect her.

5. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad & his blog
From being an instant famous blogger in his blog, causing a big buzz in the blogosphere and off, he has his fair share of opinions on the current government.

His blog is his source of voicing his opinions and is many times quoted by the Singapore press.

What's also interesting is that there was a front page photo of him & Pak Lah shaking hands and all smiles when they bumped into each other during one of the festivals.

6. Petrol price
The increase of petrol price. The arguments are - with continuing subsidy, this will affect the country's oil reserve in the very short future... while on the other hand, some argued that the oil rates are high for an oil producing country. Oil prices has since been revised a couple of times.

In between, some proposals - banning Singapore cars or cars from Thailand to pump at nearby petrol stations were suggested and nearly implemented.

7. Pak Lah's Retirement & UMNO Elections
Pak Lah first set his retirement in 2010, but later brought it to an earlier date in 2009.

There was also much guessing on the UMNO elections dates, which was brought to 2009.

8. Datuk Shah Rukh Khan
The datukship honoured to Bollywood actor caused quite a stir in the nation. The arguments - there were more deserving Malaysians or even other international acts who've yet to be awarded. On the other hand, a well known celebrity can bring much attention to the state.

9. Olyimpics: Malaysia Silver Medal
Some positive news - Malaysians came together to support shuttler Lee Chong Wei who reached the finals and brought home a silver medal in the Beijing Olympics. This is really the 'silver lininng' in Malaysia's 2008 history.

10. UNESCO Award
If going by other countries benchmark, this is something to be proud of - where Penang & Melaka (Malacca) are listed as one of the World Heritage areas by UNESCO.

There, the top 10 things that make us read news updates and the endless coffee-shop talk. I wonder what's in for 2009.

To Malaysia, Malaysians, and those who love the country - here's a Happy New Year! :)

This list is compiled by the author in his eyes only and is merely stating the facts.


  1. Wow! Definitely some of the top headlines in Malaysia this year! Thanks for the round-up. Have a smashing new year!! : )

  2. What a year that was! Haha. Hope all's well for 2009. :)

  3. Dear QuaChee,

    As the end of 2008 is drawing near,
    Gone are Santa and his reindeers,
    And we all switch to high gears,
    To celebrate the countdown of the coming year.

    I want to let you know you’re a great blogger,
    So much so that I’ve made myself your Follower,
    It does not matter whether you are far or near,
    You’ve brought me much laughters and tears.

    So before you get drunk with that last glass of beer,
    Waiting for 2009 to appear,
    Let me wish you now and here,
    A very happy & smashing new year!!

    : )

  4. Hi Quachee,

    Wishing Happy New Year to you..

    May this new year will bring you happiness and success in whatever you're doing..


  5. What an eventful 2008 for Malaysia!

    All I can say.

    Well, hope 2009 will be a great year for all of us! :D

  6. happy new year bro! thanks for reminding me about what had happen... almost forgot all! haha.

  7. hello QuaChee! i'm glad my post made you smile. cheers for your comment, i really appreciate it. :)


  8. Yeah! Such an eventful year I have to say! Very happening! But my 2008 was shadowed. =( I hope I could forget it. Anyway Let's pray for a happy new year!

  9. @foongpc
    already in 2009, we have so much headlines! haha

    ya, hoping for a good one for malaysia and us :)

    many thanks. and i know its a lil late to wish a happy new year, but im still gonna wish hehe. may this 2009 be a super one for you ! :)

    ya, what a 2008. for me, its the most dramatic year for malaysia.

    and may 2009 be a super one for you, me, and all :)

    doing this compilation really got me looking at malaysia. it reminded me on many small things we usually forget after a while. but this is a remembrance. maybe i should do one more before the next general elections in 3-4 years haha

    you are welcome. hope you are having a great start to the new year :)

    im sure you'll have a great one this year! :)


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