Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's Your (INspiring) Story: Syed Farouq & Simply Malaysia

It's sometimes amazing how people with similar passion meet up together. And more so if it relates to this country, Malaysia.

I know many out there who just have a bagful of complaints about the country, and so it is a pleasant surprise to have befriended a group of Malaysians who are the total opposite. In fact, so much so that they form a movement (#iheartmy) just promote the inspiring side of beloved Malaysia.

And the one of the team members in this movement, whom I got to know is Syed Farouq. His passion about Malaysia and how he wants to make change in impacting lives of fellow Malaysians got my attention.. hence, the invitation for him to share his story.. 

syed farouq & iheartmy

I've always been so proud to be a Malaysian since I was young. Nyanyi Negaraku dengan penuh semangat, ikrar dengan penuh semangat and sing our Merdeka song "tanggal 31...." dengan penuh semangat as well but the thing is I didn't know what it meant and how I was suppose to feel at that time.

But to do all that dengan penuh semangat only doesn't really explain why Iheartmalaysia. As I get older, I start to know why:

Iheartmalaysia because i can make a difference.

Iheartmalaysia because of my friends.

Iheartmalaysia because of the choices of food available.

Iheartmalaysia because deep inside we Malaysians do care about one another.

Iheartmalaysia and I am proud of it!!

i heart my

Now I don't take Malaysia for granted but instead value everything that this country has offered and done for me!

I want to make a difference in & for Malaysia. I want to make a mark. 

And to do that, I know that I can't do it alone - which is why I am glad that in dire times, when it is time to throw out our differences, and work together, we can do it!

"Secercah cahaya menembus relung,
Menerangi sudut hati yang telah berpalung,
Tidaklah pantas berputus asa,
Selama nafas masih terhela.

Memang benar matahari terbit dari timur,
Dan pasti tenggelam di ufuk barat,
Ada saat hati ini hancur,
Namun saat bahagia pun patut diingat.

Ada batu menghalang jalan
Membuat laju jadi tertahan
Jangan berhenti berusaha dan berdoa
Lakukan saja dengan Semangat Iheartmalaysia!"

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  1. as what i could see from the pictures (aka event), most of them are kids and youths , ops that means we still need to wait for another 30++ to see the outcomes(differences)

    right move to inject proper inspiring idea to them by all these awesome projects!


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