Monday, May 16, 2011

Back To The Gym!

Ever since I moved to Kay El, I have not stepped to the gym. Sure I played basketball and even do regular swims, but not gym-ing.

This is like quite a far cry from my lifestyle back in Singapore, where I'd hit the gym 3 times a week.

Many reasons (& some excuses, I admit ehem, ehem)..

I mean, hey swimming is relaxing, especially when amidst the sunset. And playing basketball kinda reminds me of the time I was in high school.

And of course, the fact that the thought of gym-ing kinda puts me off in some ways (this always happen when you stop it for a while, huh).. In other words, bit lazy lah. Haha.

But then, in the past weeks, I've been going back to jogging on the tracks, carrying weights and even joining the gym classes. Yes, I'm back at the gym!

I guess, the time has come whereby the reasons to go to the gym outweighs the excuses.. well, I have my dreams to accomplish - and that comes with a better body.

The first priority - I need to start losing some weight from the very good Kay El (& Pea Jay) food that I consume (it's so hard to resist the good food lah grrr!). Then of course, this time round, I also hope to tone & firm up the body.

You can say Manila/ Philippines sure got me going here too (read: Getting Sexified in Manila!). While I feel all sexified in Manila, but I also know that I need to tone up more!

philippines sexiest stars

Can I look as good as Piolo Pasqual? Or any of those hunky actors out there (Manila or others)? I don't know.. but well, I believe, even half as good as them will do for now!

Anyway, here is me, after a few weeks of workout. Lots more to be done, but well, this is for the start! :)

In some ways, I think the gym workout helps

*I currently workout at Chi Fitness, a relatively new lifestyle gym. More of the gym facilities & my workout experience to come! :)

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