Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Choose A Gym

I mentioned that I'm now back gym-ing. Today, I'd like to share how to choose a gym.. (note: these are my pointers, anyway).

1. Understanding what type of gym u prefer
When talking about a gym - the one thing that will come to most people's minds are most likely the gyms with a network of outlets. But there's more to it. For example, you could gym at a hotel club or workout at the smaller standalone gyms, or even workout at your community gym, if there's any. 

All are good - but it all boils back to what type of gym do u prefer, or want.. cos it may bring different results. For example, the standalone gym are usually more for those keen on entering competitions, so if that's what you want to achieve, it's better to enroll in one. The crowd there might motivate you better. 

lap pool chi
Some gyms go to the extend of having not just jacuzzis & saunas, but lap pool too. 
But of course, if you are like me, who prefer a more lifestyle sort of gym, then most major chained gyms are more suitable though they most likely are pricier.

2. Gym Facilities
Linking back to point no. 1, gym facilities play a role as well. You need a gym that have enough gym facilites for you to do the workout you need. 

For me, I choose a gym with a good mix of cardio & weight facilities.

3. Crowd 
I'm not sure how many people list this as a criteria, but I avoid gyms that are too crowded. Waiting for your turn to use the threadmill can sometimes turn me off - and can be a bit of a timewaster. 

gym facility
I don't even queue up for food, what's more to use a gym facility :)

But of course, some people prefer more crowded gyms.. like those who prefer crowded shopping malls. Truly, this is a peference. 

4. Classes
The other factor some may consider is the classes - firstly whether a gym provides that, and if they do, what type of clasess are there. 

I used to not think much about classes provided by the gym - and didn't even went for any while I signed up with one last time. But this time round, I've been attending some classes and find them very interesting. 

gym class
Body pump class.. tried it - it's like medicine: tough but good
They give a new routine to the otherwise mundane gym sessions. And the ability to make some new gym friends along the way. 

To note, different gyms have different classes, and I am pleasantly surprised to have gone for MTV Jam classes in this new gym I am with. I truly enjoy this as it is refreshing, and unless I take professional dancing classes, I most likely won't have that opportunity to learn the boy-band like dances.  

5. Location
I first tweeted about this question "How do u choose your gym". And most of my online buddies replied with one simple answer - location. 

Of coz this rings true.. if there's a few gyms that kinda meets all the above needs, the one factor that will differentiate them is most likely the location. In fact, location can even be a more important factor than some of the above.

Imagine going through this to go to the gym.. Yeah, do I hear "Forget it". 
Look at it this way.. if a gym is far away from home or the office, there is less motivation to go gym-ing. Already going to the gym needs enough motivation, and we don't need anything else to kill it - eg traffic jams or such. 

A gym that is near home or the workplace is most ideal, as you can workout just before you work or after office hours. 

With all these in mind, I gladly like to say the gym that I'm currently attending is Chi Fitness @ Damansara Perdana. Btw all gym photos (minus the traffic jam photo are credited to them) :)

chi fitness

Chi Fitness @PJ Trade, Damansara Perdana 
03-7492 1023


  1. Hi, would like to ask how much did you sign up for the plan..? I would like to consider CHI too, but not sure how's their price..

  2. they have a few different offers every now and then. i remember they had a rm1/ month offer too :)
    best to contact them directly as the promo changes :)


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