Monday, May 30, 2011

Chi Fitness Turns 1 With Sh'Bam!

Okay, so my gym that I attend just turned one. What a baby heh. And I was there to witness that happy occasion. 

chi fitness cake 1 year old
There was a cake! Woots!
Ok but celebrations aside, it was a fitness marathon day. Every member could bring friends to participate in that marathon of sorts (fun step, body combat, RPM, circuit challenge & Sh'Bam!).

I must say it was tempting to attend the complete marathon but then, I had Mando classes so it was a valid excuse. Ehem, ehem.

Niway, I was there for the later part of the event.. in time for 1 good class, the highlight of the day, yes the Sh'Bam! And I was glad to have joined this class!

sh'bam instructor, ana
This is Ana, the fun Sh'Bam instructor.
This was the first time the class is done at Chi. When asked the instructor, all I was told by Ana is that it's gonna be fun & you don't need to know dancing for that matter.

Now, I've been a fan of the dance classes in Chi (there's the MTV Jam too)... and looked forward to this. I believe dancing is quite a fun way to work out anyway.

So joined I did.. Here's my take:
Doing the Sh'Bam class is just like dancing like Shakira or Ricky Martin. 
You can say it was kinda sexy yet fun.. and it's a form of exercise! Woots! 
(Btw Sh'Bam sounds so much like She Bangs!).

mr fitness
Mr Fitness

Miss Fitness
After that final exercise, it was lucky draw & prize giving ceremony. And the above are the Mr & Miss Fitness! Yeah, they completed the full Fitness Marathon, and got some good points with it.

chi fitness 1 year celebration
Mr CEO cutting the cake.
Finally, it was time for some merry making, birthday song singing & cake cutting.

staff of chi fitness
Family of Chi Fitness
Must say this was quite a fun affair. I like the new class that is now offered here. Besides, the staffs at Chi are really friendly & warmth, and I believe that makes this gym somewhat different. 

To Chi @ PJ Trade Centre, Happy 1 Years Old, and may you continue to grow & grow! :)


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