Saturday, March 20, 2010

KL Virgin No More

New in KL. New experiences.. here are some experiences that make me 'less a virgin':

1. Chili Pan Mee Virgin No More
While hokkien mee is king, but make way for my new favourite, the chili pan mee!

2. MATTA Fair Virgin No More
Heard so much, read so much.. finally, I walked so much there!

3. Car Wash Virgin No More
For a small fee/ month, I get my car washed 3 times a week by the Indian man who pushes his bicycle with his bucket of water!

4. McDonalds Drive Through Virgin No More
Never thought much of fast food in KL especially with so much good food around... but just 2 weeks back, when was pressed with time, Mcd drive through saved the day with their 3 counter approach! (order-pay-collect!).

5. Double Parking Virgin No More
Never like people who double park... but here's a solution if you do: put your namecard on your dashboard to avoid some glaring stares & verbal abuse. Of course, all these can be avoided if ur nice, friendly & pretty too!

6. Shopping Mall Car Park Virgin No More
RM1 - that's what I usually pay (and wonder how come it's reasonably cheap)... But what I didn't know is that it's RM1 is just for the first 6 hours! Once I parked for a full day and had a RM15 carpark ticket!

7. Rooftop Bar Virgin No More
Drinking at the top.. with the view of the twin towers. Now, that's KL's best bar - Sky Bar. And I'm glad to have been there.. and I think I beat many KL-ites & PJ-ers to it!

8. Cantonese DJ Virgin No More
Back to Malaysia & to their peak hour Cantonese radio shows. I used to dislike it, but well, I'm opening up.. and now do find them quite funny!

Btw, its interesting to note that while Malaysian Chinese don't know who their local Chinese actors are, but the DJs are hugely popular! It's only in Malaysia you get the DJs being bigger than the rest - even crossing over to acting & singing (CNY albums at least)!

9. Icy Cold Drinks Virgin No More
Finally found my answer for super cold ice blended mango + coconut right here in Malaysia- at Honeymoon dessert. And just to feel the coolness while being in hot Malaysia still, the other cold dessert options are the ever crowded DTZ or the also cool Snowflake.

10. Chap Goh Meh Virgin No More
Girls throw oranges. Boys pick them up. Very Malaysian style & Chinese too (non confrontational). Anyway, I experienced my first full Chap Goh Meh this year at the lake in PJ... and got my orange too!

Well, there's still lots to experience in the Klang Valley... and so far I'm enjoying it. But seriously, I'm in no hurry to loose the 'virginity'! lol!


  1. are so many thing not virgin anymore huh! :D

  2. only sky bar... i dont want to be a virgin >< bring me there lol

  3. there is a typo on your 4th heading.. "through".. i guess order and pay is at the same counter? this is my last impression with the drive-thru in aus.. :)

  4. Wow! Wash car 3 times a week! I wash my car once in 6 months! Hahaha!

    You mean there's no Drive-thru McD in Melaka and Singapore? OMG!

    That RM15 car park ticket must be in 1Utama right? Haha! How come you didn't read the notice? If you want to just pay RM2 for whole day parking, before 6 hours is up, drive out and drive in again! But I have never done that before in my life lah. Too lazy!! LOL!

    Hey do you listen to MY fm? The DJ Lum Tuck Weng and Wan Wai Fun (not sure spelt correct or not) are soooooo funny!!

    So are you still a virgin in the sex department? LOL!

  5. @tekkaus
    if u come kl, u will also loose yr 'virginity' hehehe. just so much to experience

    when u come back, come find me. we go together

    thanks for pointing out :)
    btw its 3 counters during peak hour

    as virgin as u r... or maybe more! lol

  6. haha lets sing...

    "like a virgin... touched for the very first time..."

  7. Sounds like you are having a great time in KL, QC. Good for you!


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