Thursday, February 07, 2013

Bangkok Must Visit: Four Face Buddha (Erawan Shrine)

There are many shrines in Bangkok. But amongst them all, the Erawan shrine also known as the Four Face Buddha is probably the most famous one.

I've heard of friends who will visit the shrine each time they come to Bangkok to travel. And I've also heard of people who come to Bangkok just to make prayers and give thanks at the shrine.

I usually buy the offerings in the temple as it's much cheaper than the ones outside the shrine
In fact, I knew of this shrine from a friend who shared her friend's success story.. And well, it's not just success stories but also other prayers answered.

Hearing that made me wanting to visit this shrine a few trips back.

And well, like many.. I keep coming back since :)

If you are a Buddhist, why not pay a visit if you are here next? You may just get your prayers answered :)

And if you are not a Buddhist, this shrine is still worth a photo opportunity!

*The shrine is just walking distance from Chit Lom BTS station (on Sukhumvit Road), and close to many major malls.


  1. May i know where did you get offerings from? Because i always wanted to pray the buddha but i don't know what should i buy from to give my offereings

  2. hi i buy them from the shrine compound itself - towards the right side


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