Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Must Visit Bangkok: Platinum Fashion Mall

To many friends I speak to loves Bangkok for its shopping. Many reasons for that - from wide variety and cheap as one of the main reason.

Personally, I have to agree with them. For Bangkok do offer loads of shopping from the high end to the mass wholesale.

There are so many malls and markets to explore.. that till today, I have yet to visit them all. And it's only recently that I visited the Platinum Fashion Mall.

Reading some reviews, many compare the Platinum Fashion Mall to Chatuchak Market.

But to me, a better comparison will probably be with MBK. After all, both are in a building (ie. shaded) and has air cond.

And like MBK, it has loads of shops. Many of which are dedicated to the ladies.. while only 1 level is for the guys.

Well, I was relieved when I knew that - for I do not think I'd like to explore that many levels of shops!

So well, my shopping time is much shorter.. though well, still a good 2 hours or so. The reason - well, the unique different tees and some shorts caught my attention.

I got some loud words tees and also got myself some Batman tee! That made me very much a happy shopper! Haha!

Hello, Batman!

Now, some pointers - this is a 'wholesale' mall.. meaning there are additional discounts if buying more than 1 piece.

The other thing - do get ready to be disappointed if your size is not in the petite category. Have you heard of even rather normal sized girls complaining that Thai sizes are always small? Well, that's the case here.

And unlike MBK or the departmental stores, I was clearly rejected "no size" upfront even before entering some of the shops. It's a pity as the working clothes there were of nice designs.

I didn't spend much time at the food outlets, and comparatively I think MBK has much more hang out places.

But to ask which is a better shopping place amongst the 3, for a guy if still opt for Chatuchak - the reason because it has a wider variety, including more local designs. For ladies, I think the stand off is between Chatuchak and here.

The red pants.. I got from Platinum Mall!

Go, if you love shopping!! ;)

*The nearest BTS is Chidlom. The mall is behind Central World, after the river.


  1. I heard my friends said that the shopping complexes in bangkok is even better than the ones we have in KL.

  2. Ahh!! can't wait till July for Bangkok!!! I wanna shoppppppp!!!

  3. I heard you can get branded premium outfits from this mall at cheap prices too, right?


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