Friday, January 23, 2009

Song Dynasty

I figured that the Hangzhou review wouldn't be complete hadn't I mentioned about the Song Dynasty theme park & show that I visited & watched.

song dynasty, park
Actually when I was in Hangzhou, I wasn't really into any show - thinking that they are most likely going to be boring and expensive. But the hotel staff convinced me somehow saying that this show was "really, really good!".

(I half believed her, but thinking that there's nothing else to do on my last night, why not give it a try).

song dynasty, parkThe Song Dynasty was a lil far, and after about 20-25 minutes ride, I arrived and bought my tickets, to which I got a lil surprise. Apparently, one have to purchase not only the show ticket, but also the theme park ticket.

This was not mentioned in the brochure - and came in a rather rude shock for me. But coming so far, I guess, there's no turning back. And besides, I'm a tourist - so I think they somehow know, that we will spend - if it's still affordable!

song dynasty, traditional restaurantAnd so, I paid for the Song Dynasty theme park ticket too (if not wrong, 80 yuan, on top of the show ticket which was 100 yuan).

Entering this theme park, I'm greeted with rows of eateries that seem to pop out from a China village - very authentic.

song dynasty, traditional eateryI must admit I enjoyed the setting quite a lot. I ate my chicken thigh here in this outlet.

song dynasty, traditional foodI enjoyed walking around the theme park, as I managed to see the many rows of shops selling different kinds of traditional food.

song dynasty, traditional foodAnd the many traditional snacks done in the traditional way, plus being able to see how the mainland Chinese people bargain, with the shopkeepers stamping their grounds!

song dynasty, theme park gameAnother segment of this theme park is focused on games - traditional style. I think I somehow grew out of this.

song dynasty, water parkA bigger segment of the Song Dynasty theme park is dedicated to this water park area. If I get this right, it is suppose to teach us about the Chinese science using water as a medium.

Anyway, the adults seem to enjoy here a lot!

song dynasty, posterDespite the authentic setting and all, I felt that the time flew rather slowly in the not too big theme park, and I couldn't wait to go in for the show (which is really why I went there anyway)!

So when the theatre doors were opened, I was one of the first to go in. Oh btw, here's what I got in anticipation - looks really good!

But of course, I didn't want to put too much hope - as after all, this is a cultural show. So I prepared myself that this show might be a lil 'slow'.

song dynasty, showBut, when the stage came alive, this grand show was nowhere near slow. It was really fast paced, and had a good cordination of music and lights.

I like the play of lights particularly which was interwined with the costume colours. This was done in the different themes (there were about 4-5 themes) - something similar to the movie Hero. The difference was that each had its own plot, showcasing Hangzhou's past, its history, and Hangzhou today!

And though the Song Dynasty show was somehwat short, but it really lived to its own billing - of being a Las Vegas & Moulin Rouge performance!

I'm glad I believed in the hotel staff... and didn't turn back despite the extra ticket price... cos this is the best cultural show I've ever watched!

*Apart from Song Dynasty, another good show to watch in Hangzhou is Impression - the West Lake, directed by Zhang Yimou. However, I missed this as it only shows on Friday & Sat nights.

*There is also the free nightly musical fountain by the lake, but this has irregular timings (not as stated in the tourism brochure) - hence I missed this though I waited over an hour.

*For the full series of my holiday in China, go here: China Trip. Btw, this is my 2nd last post for the holiday China series.

And if I may invite you, come back for the last one - there's something special coming up!


  1. Entrance fee + show ticket = 180 yuan
    Some what expensive by Chinese standard, I think.

  2. The green tea...
    Don have to filter it?

  3. nice pictures here Quachee.. looks familiar too especially the show.. it seems in china, everywhere, they hv this type of cultural show ..

  4. Oh, another of their sneaky ways to get you to buy the theme park tickets? Haha!

    Can't wait for what's coming up in your next post! : )

    Btw, do read about the warning regarding the solar eclipse this year and the best days to start work after CNY at my blog here : )

  5. Nice pics here, nice to know about ur blog and its very interesting. Have A nice day.

  6. Quachee wishing you a happy prosperous, wealthy and successful new year.

    Work like an ox Quachee and the formula to success will not go wrong ;)

  7. @khengsiong
    ive resigned to the fact that hangzhou (and even china) is expensive place - no more the same what i thought it was :(

    if you go to tour, make sure they give you this show or at least the lake impression one. i think they are really super :)

    ya, they always do that! luckily tourists have more patience!

    oh and i hope i dont let u down on the next post! :)

    thanks for coming by :)

  8. Wow.. You've been to so many places in China.. So nice wei !!

  9. Ah, i cant believe most of the heritage are still there... It's almost like returning back to the historic days.

  10. the theme park sure open our eyes, impressive! :)

  11. There's nothing that China can't do right? =/ My, how I wish I can be there to witness and experience Song Dynasty myself. LOL =)

  12. I paid mine 360yuan to an agent, dunno why mine is expensive. But we sat very front row think 5th row from the VIP seats.

  13. @charlene
    wow thats quite pricey! i sat just behind the vip row :)

  14. according to him, tat includes the tour guide which was useless cause he didnt explain much u pay QuaChee?

  15. 180 yuan for both theme park + show :)


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