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China Budget Hotel

China Budget Hotel

china budget hotel, hangzhou, starway hotel decoration
Hangzhou Budget Hotel

Starway JingShang Hotel
No.148-5 Nanshan Rd

Apart from staying in the budget hotels in Shanghai, I also stayed in rather budget hotel in the other cities in my China trip.

china budget hotel, hangzhou, starway hotel, room, bedBut unlike in Shanghai, where I 'hotel hopped', however, in Hangzhou, I only stayed in one hotel, which to me was really comfortable and quite spacious!

china budget hotel, hangzhou, starway hotel, deskAs usual, the room has the basics, comfortable bed, TV, writing desk (this was quite a good one), and with the attached bathroom... plus of course, the internet.

china budget hotel, hangzhou, starway hotel, restaurantOne of the tables at the restaurant.

Apart from the hotel room, what I like about this Hangzhou hotel is its interior, which though is very simple (rather zen like) - but very nicely done, giving it a slight 'upmarket' feel to it.

china budget hotel, hangzhou, starway hotel, restaurantThe restaurant itself is quite unique, something which I discovered only on my second last day when I ordered the in house breakfast.

china budget hotel, hangzhou, starway hotel, restaurant, breakfastThey actually serve 2 types of menus - western food (20 - 25 yuan) or local Chinese cuisine of fried noodles (15 yuan). Honestly, it was not too bad, though a lil steep.

china budget hotel, hangzhou, starway hotel, reading roomWhat I also like about this hotel is its rather unique reading room though I didn't use it. It was in a separate building, just beside the hotel.

china budget hotel, hangzhou, starway hotel, loungeAnd there's also a patio/ outdoor lounge for guests to relax - though not for the winter period of course! (it may look not cold here, but actually it was Hangzhou that I felt the coldest!).

The hotel stay here is super and I really enjoyed the 4 nights I spent here. Btw, this hotel is just opposite the famous Hangzhou West Lake, which makes it in prime location!

Price: 180 yuan/ night
My rating: 4.5 stars - everything is super, including friendly staffs, and wonderful location.

*Their rates are cheaper if booked online.

Wuzhen Budget Hotel

china budget hotel, wuzhenDespite the 'high' at the Hangzhou hotel, however, I didn't put much expectation when going to Wuzhen.

This is because I couldn't book prior, and there were not much info on hotels on the English websites.

china budget hotel, wuzhen, room, queen bedThis is a very basic hotel with the usual bed and tv, but without any desk - which was ok since I'm only here for 2 nights.

china budget hotel, wuzhen, room, windowIt came with a window, which many people think is important, but not for me - especially with such a view!

Actually, I was ok with this hotel despite it being less posh. But what I didn't like was that, I was told that this Wuzhen hotel owner may have quoted me higher than the usual rate (more at: stressful China incidents).

Price: 120 yuan + 20 yuan (internet) = 140 yuan (I was told it would only be maximum 100 yuan, and even that is expensive - usually only 50 yuan/ night).

My rating: 0.0 if I got cheated; otherwise 1.0, as one can really stay in the scenic Xizha zone (sleeping with water sounds) at less than 200 yuan.

Well, that (plus the Shanghai hotels) are the many China hotels I've stayed in this whole trip - making it a total of 6 in 16 days.

It sure was tiring in a way, moving from one hotel to the other, but an experience no doubt... never had I tried so many hotels in a trip before, though I'd cut on a few if can! :)



  1. This is the best China's hotels tips I came across. They shoud had paid you for advertised them so lovely in your blog :D Great Blog! I added you in my blogroll for easier come back ;)

  2. Quachee i like the #1 photo. very simple but nice.

  3. fried noodles (15 yuan) - how mush is that in malaysian ringgits?

  4. when i travel to china/HK, i make it a point to choose a budget hotel with an affordable price in a great location that is near by the subway station. thanks for sharing these.

  5. @benedict
    thanks so much! :) haha, ya, they get free promo heh. but well, since they are good, i think they deserve it (so does the not good ones!) hehe.

    btw, ive added u on my blogger khakis too! :)

    @rw-fine art
    thank you. they really do simple deco here but looks good heh. this was nice because of the sunlight too :)

    15 yuan is about rm7.50 :)

    ya, agree, that is the best. location is important for us tourists, to save time and money, yet see as much as possible :)

  6. I know where to refer if I'm going to China liao.. Hehehehe..

    180Yuan for that kind of budget hotel is quite good :)

  7. hey, that is cheap man.. not bad too .. as long as clean, it is fine with me too.. when i went to hanoi and ho chi minh, though the hotels have no star, i dont long as convenient and clean, that is all that matters..
    i tot of going to shanghai this coming march or april.. wait for matta fair.. i think i told u few times already..haha

  8. Looks like much better than the budget hotel over here, at least the deco is good!
    Rate also very attractive!
    Any girl knock on your door during night time? Haha! :)

  9. the inside isn't too bad for a budget hotel, but the outside view, however, kinda threw me off balance. i would say its relatively important.

  10. Hi, nice to meet you!
    I am also a Malaysian who is working in SG. You have a great blog. I will make sure I drop by often.
    Have a good day!

  11. Wow... very useful info. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. lol..
    I thought it was a hotel ads blog when I first reached here...

    The first hotel seems very nice and not too expensive

  13. Will definitely stay in this Hangzhou Budget Hotel if I go Hangzhou! Thanks for highlighting this - I only afraid now everyone read this and I may have a hard time booking into this hotel in future!

  14. For a budget hotel, it's pretty well done up. Thanks for the useful details, QC.

  15. @ahlost, thanks, really hope the series helped :)

    yes, i think its quite affordable, especially that you are going with a friend :)

    luckily (or unluckily) - no! haha.

    ya, that wuzhen one really dont look good outside, and that view! :)

    thanks for coming by. u have interesting one as well! :)

    thanks. hope it helps in a way, on what to expect from hotels in china :)

    haha! it sure does look like one for those 2 hotel posts! :)

    apparently, i think hangzhou has quite good budget hotels, so i think u need not worry haha :)

    ya, these hotels are quite nice heh. china has 2 faces - the really do things proper, and the other one :)


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