Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Travel Tips: Kota Kinabalu

While there are the 5 star luxury hotels in Kota Kinablau, like the Sutera Harbour, I'll just share some info on the budget accommodation.

One of the hotels I stayed is this: Lavendar Lodge, Jalan Laiman Diki, which is located quite in the heart of the city.

kk budget hotelIt is located in the upstairs of a shoplot. This is the living room cum reception area.

kk budget hotel pantryBeside it, and on the same level is the pantry where free breakfast of bread & spreads are served. They also serve free drinking water.

kk budget hotelMy room is located upstairs. When I first entered, well, I got a lil surprised for the room is rather basic - with a bed & side table.

But I guess, for the price I'm paying, it's ok - RM65/ night.

kk budget hotelActually, there are other budget hostels all around the city, some even more central than this - located in the Gaya Street area. But this hostel has had good reviews online (see, it's fully booked the night I stayed!).

Anyway, what I like about this hostel is that they provide internet connection throughout all rooms. And that the owner actually picks up passengers from the airport free of charge.

After checking in, I did do a quick check with some other hostels as well - and most of them come at the same price of RM65/ night - though some don't come with Wifi in the rooms.

Getting Around
Walk. Yes, the heart of the city can be covered by walking. But if one wants to visit the other areas in KK, one can take the taxi - which I think some bargaining is required.

As my time was short, I didn't explore much beyond this part of the city.

Btw, the taxi rate from the airport to the city is a standard RM20.

Getting There: KK International Airport
I must say that the KK International Airport is quite impressive with flights from many parts of Asia - even from China, Indonesia, Philippines, Macau, Singapore & Korea (and maybe even Japan).

It's no wonder I see so many different nationality tourists. I've even met a bunch of friends who came from Shanghai via Shenzhen!

Well, that wraps up my KK travel. It was only 4 days & 3 nights, but what good experience I had! Btw, the fun didn't stop... as I actually continued my journey to neighbouring Kuching! And that series  is up next! :)



  1. For RM65 inclusive of airport transfer and Wifi, it's a good deal. Place looks clean too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info. The place looks clean and spacious.

  3. I think there are direct flights from Taiwan, too.

    Sabah is the closed part of Malaysia to our part of the world.

  4. it is a better deal that what i had. KK is a great place to be in if one loves the sea, the mountains n sightseeing. i had great company too :)

  5. saw your link from happy..

    hmmm.. is that a hole on the blanket?

    I am sure the towel are brown too..


  6. Hotel - just a place for sleeping.
    I don mind to take a budget hotel, but as long as there is no "XXX" to disturb me at night!

  7. Looks like home. Anyway, with the RM65 inclusive of transportation from airport it's really a good deal!
    How many rooms they have it there?
    I love to stay in these budget hotel rather than luxury, but if with my family....then I got no choice!

    Seems like we are almost the same style of traveling....haha!
    Explore more will be added more value to the trip, unlike the luxury tour package....
    All are personal preferences....

  8. Thank for sharing this. Ahww.. I just wish I can have holiday now.. eerr.. wait till MAY! :D

  9. Lavender Lodge certainly looks good. I like your review of this hotel.

  10. wow, a good deal, what more with free pick-up and internet.

    The only time I've been to KK was at the airport only, en-route to Tokyo on a MAS flight. :)

  11. Thanks for sharing, Quachee! Will take note of the hotels and food you recommended when I go KK in April! : )


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