Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kuching Fort Margherita

The first place I headed to in Kuching was the Kuching's riverfront.

kuching river boatIt was quite a sight - especially with the river boats.

I decided to take a ride across - RM0.40/ person to head to the Fort Margherita. I gave RM0.50 each time instead (yes, I was back to the river & back often! - more on that later).

kuching riverAnyway, what i like about this river & the boat rides is that it is still a from of transportation for many. And that peaceful boat ride which lasts less than 5 minutes is such a pleasant ride.

kuching fort margherita kampungUpon arriving on the other side of the river, lies a kampung (village). Just like much of Kuching, it feels so peaceful & serene.

kuching catI passed by a cat on the way... somehow there's like a new meaning to cats here in Kuching!

Next was to go up the hill where the fort lies...

kuching fort margherita schoolOn my way up, I was delighted to see these kids skipping for school just ended. There's such a happy mood all over! :)

kuching fort margherita schoolPassed by the children's school. What a nice location indeed! I'm sure these kids will appreciate their school in such a unique location - on the hill top, by the jungle... and with many tourists walking by daily haha.

kuching fort margherita signboardI knew I was on the right track.

kuching fort margheritaThe short walk up the hill and around... and finally arrive, with the fort in view.

kuching fort margheritaFront view of Fort Margherita.

kuching fort margherita stairsThere were some pistols and swords in the fort, which now is Police Museum. But for me, I admired the tower and its unique stairs more.

kuching fort margherita city viewAnother thing to do here is to admire the view of Kuching city - the 'old town' which is beyond the river.

kuching fort margherita kuching river viewMore of Kuching city view - Kuching is still so green.

Though the fort may not be something so spectacular, but the journey up, seeing the kids and then the Kuching view was good!

And it was through this journey to the fort that was the start of my real Kuching journey.... more of that to come! :)


  1. The fort used to have a nice exhibit. But there are no longer there. My last visit to the fort was in 2007 and the fort really need a fresh coating

  2. Thanks for visiting. Wow, you went to kuching as well. Nice place, huh. LOL, it looks like we took many photos with similar angles at Fort Margherita.

  3. The fort's beautiful and so is the river cruise. And they charge only RM0.40 for the cruise?? I thought maybe RM40??

  4. I had been to Kuching numerous time. So shame to say that I never took the effort to cross to the other side of waterfront. May be I should try next time!

  5. I will definitely visit the Fort if I'm at Kuching.
    I believe the journey to the Fort will satisfy a explorer like you. Sometime I feel the journey will be more enjoyable than the destination.
    What say U? :)

  6. Q,
    I heard about a river over there where the water in Red colour? Do you visit it? If yes, what's name of the river?

  7. Ooh! I missed the boat-ride when I was there. The fort looks great and what a view! For RM0.40, it's a thrill cheaper than the rides in the children's entertainment centers in KL. LOL!

  8. Look like an interesting town...

    Are the people in the pictures locals?

  9. The Magherita Fort is really nice and I especially like the waterfront view. More photo moments.

  10. It's a lovely place. I love the boat, and the architecture!

  11. totally cuti2 malaysia!
    love it dude!

    keep it coming!

  12. yours is definitely a different angle from Jonzz and Tz.

    The famous quachee squinted way of looking at stuff hahahahahah

  13. How's the river ride? Is there any crocodiles sightings? Ha =)

  14. Haha! laughing at Tekkaus' comment. Of course no crocodiles, Tekkaus otherwise I'm pretty sure Quachee would have taken some photos and mentioned about it! LOL!

    But the boat ride only 40 sen? So cheap!!

    I think I like Fort Margherita. Also saw it on TZ's and Jonzz's blogs, so now it is embedded in my memory. Haha!

  15. Hi there, is there anyone can comfirm with me if fort margherita still opens for public now? Coz plan to bring my kl frens to visit there... thanks... please anyone if know reply me asap. =)

  16. Hi....I planning to visit Kuching may be in March & going alone. Hence, I would like to get some info tips from u regarding this.
    May to know, r u going with ur fren?? Ur tour is a tour package or free & easy?? If it is a tour package, how much for it & who is the travel agent / guide?? If it is free & easy, what is ur main transportation??


  17. @mun
    1. i went free & easy
    2. but u can choose packages. there are local tours around kuching.
    3. pricing wise - i dont know. u can check with the tours. not too expensive im sure.
    4. free & easy - main transportation: own legs ie walk


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