Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sarawak Cultural Village

One of the must see places for any visitor is the Sarawak Cultural Village. And that was in my 'must do' list when I went to Sarawak.

So, what does one do in this village? House hopping of the many tribes! We started off with the unique coned shaped like Rumah Bidayuh (the Bidayuh house).

Met with this lady... she was just all smiles, and so welcoming to 'here house'. She tells me that she is Christian, and that she lives in Kuching (a good 45 minutes away) - and takes the bus to work daily.

Next up the long house of the Rumah Iban.

This was an interesting house with many people inside showcasing their culture. This lady is making a cloth, which designs are sometimes based on dreams... and that can take up to months to make.

There were some snacks being cooked on the spot.

When it is cooked - this is the pandan flavoured one.

There's also another cake - the kuih jala, cooked by another lady - who was also very friendly.

Next up, there is the Rumah Orang Ulu - which to me, was the most beautiful of them all. See its long decorated pilliars, with carvings of local motifs.

Up there, a guy played the local musical instrument.

It really caught my attention - for that a local instrument can play even the modern pop song! Isn't it nice? :)

Moving on, we were welcomed by the Orang Penan... "Hello, welcome to my office" the guys says without a blink, and smiled when we got his joke.

His station was quite unique as he allows one to do blow pipe - 3 tries for RM1.00.

The house hopping continues to another big house - the Rumah Orang Melanau, which has some colourful flags in the front.... giving one an impression that this house is one of the more grand ones.

And true - even the inside of the house has more items including antiques.

There is also this big bed, which is so well carved - again, all so grand.

A view of the lake - from the window of the Rumah Melanau.

There were a few more houses to see like the Malay house & also the Chinese house, but we had to rush to watch the daily performance.

This is where the many different tribes come together for a cultural show. And it is here that one can see the different costumes of all them, and to further understand the many races living in harmonious Sarawak.

I've been informed that there are close to 40 different tribes/ races in Sarawak. Maybe being a lil ignorant... for I didn't know that the major race in Sarawak is actually the Ibans, followed by the Chinese.

So coming to this village sure was good, as I now understand the multi racial aspects of East Malaysia, especially Sarawak better.

No wonder, there is the saying that East Malaysia is so multi racial - way more than what we experience in West Malaysia! I agree on this.

And I also think that this leads to the good thing about Sarawak - where everyone seems to bond so much better & are so friendly - be it from Kuching city or the outskirts... relating very closely to the tagline we have - 'the Malaysian warmth & Malaysian smile'... I personally think it's all here in Kuching - from my experience, at least! :)

*The Sarawak Cultural Village is about 45 minutes from Kuching city centre. One can take the busses (arranged with hotels) or like me, take a private tour.

*The Entrance Fee:
RM 60.00 (Adult)
RM 30.00 (Child : 6-12 years old)
Free for Children aged under 6.
Local Sarawakians get a discount.

It is advised that you bring enough cash, as if not wrong, they only accept certain credit cards.

There are two must watch, Cultural Shows per day:
1130am - 1215pm
1600pm - 1645pm

I'd advise an early start, if you want to really see all - but then again, the journey up is just so enjoyable too!

*One can opt to stay overnight at the Cultural Village - with rather affordable rates too (RM91 inclusive of F&B!) - Accomodation details.


  1. college students can bring their student cards to get cheaper rates.

  2. Holy shit Quachee! There are so many beautiful snaps you have here. I thing you can actually start your very own documentary or traveling channel. =)

  3. I missed my Kuching trip ... I wanted to go back Sarawak again soon!

  4. The Rumah Orang Ulu is really lovely. It looks like one of those lookout posts in the jungle.

    The antique beds are now a hit in the west.

    Were you the only visitor they entertained or was there a group with you?

    Thanks for the sharing. Nice pictures, as usual, QC.

  5. Wondering if it is ethical to treat the 'tribes people' like animals in the zoo... *scratching my head*

    And the ticket is quite pricey :(

  6. @nelson
    thanks for the info :)

    wow, thats a big compliment! am considering a bit haha.

    ya sarawak is so beautiful heh.. especially the people! :)

    i didnt take any guided tours. but there were some tourists, i think with their tour guides.

    the beds - a big thing in the west? wow, that's cool!

    oh btw thanks once again for yr compliments on the photos :)

    not sure how u mean this...
    personally, these people come in their traditional costumes to showcase their culture.

    its a bit like if u visit some other places, they too have their people in their traditional costumes. these are usually just a showcase, as modern times now, people wear more casual clothes, and dont adhere to all traditions (im one of them! haha!).

    btw i think this is more like a job for them. the lady i met was so happy to be photographed. but of course, i went beyond taking a photo and chatted with her. and maybe that is what people should do - ie. talk to these people there as well, making it not the zoo like feel :)

    oh btw, im not sure if this rings a bell - but those mickey mouse & gang, or celebrities on catwalks, red carpets, models on event shows - they too are like in a zoo? (no offence, but im just drawing similarities). let me know what you think ya?

    (ps: before you think im flaring, just thought its a good discussion) :)

  7. I think you and TZ make very good tourist partners. He got very good pictures and videos too.

  8. if u want to visit swak cultural village in yr 09, it is advise to have it in May (World Harvest Festival) or Jul (Rainforest World Music Festival)...pls head on to for more information.

  9. Thanks for the info..I am going to kuching swak nxt mth..looking for more info.. ^_^


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