Tuesday, March 03, 2009

KK Market

As I mentioned before, one can really witness a host of activities along Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens - and of them is this... the wet market.

kk market, boxesComing from one corner of the market, one will see so many boxes - these must be containers to transport the fresh seafood.

kk marketWhat is a tourist to do in a wet market right? Well, this is no ordinary market, at least to me! haha!

kk market, crabFirst, there are still some quite 'usual' seafood - like these crabs.

kk market, shrimpI'm not sure if this is common, but back in hometown, these shrimps (grago) is seasonal.

kk marketThe rest of the seafood here in the market, I'd say is quite unique. These fishes look somewhat common here - but yet it looks rather big!

kk market, tiger prawnSee the many tiger prawns - all up for sale! Prawn lovers paradise!

kk market, squidEven the squids are huge! (Btw, more of these yummy squid to come!)

kk market, stingrayEverything seems so big here. The stingray looks good!

kk market, baby sharkMore fishes - these baby sharks (btw, can you see the fins are gone).

All of these are interesting, but the one that caught my attention most is this...

kk market, puffer fishYes, it is these somewhat spikey roundish fish... the puffer fish!

kk market, unique fishAnd in between the round puffer fish, comes this unique looking fish!

The locals may find their market ordinary - for they are blessed to be in this part of the sea, with such good catch.

But for us tourists, it is a real treasure to discover something quite different. The market isn't that big, but yet, the short experience seeing different types of seafood it is quite an experience.

And I think this can be an attraction to KK too - yes, a market as an attraction like what some other countries do.

Btw, this isn't the only market that is unique in KK - there's one more coming up! (KK really is unique!)


  1. Wow! they really have all kinds of fishes on sale there! And I think the prices must be cheaper than over here in KL, is it not? And not only bigger, but definitely fresher.

  2. really..they sell those kind of fishes there? puffers fish.. my goodness.. hey quachee, How about the price?
    indeed the stingrays are enormous too.. huh..

  3. I have known of friends who bought seafood here and have them packed up nicely to be brought back to KL. They are a lot cheaper here in E Malaysia.

    The not-so-positive part about seafood here is the seasonal red tide. In a recent article last week, it was stated that the red tide is back and people have been advised to stay away from certain seafood, mostly shell-fish. Luckily this does not happen often.

  4. Wah so many kinds of fishes, and some of them are really big!

  5. If I were not mistaken, puffer fish is also known as blowfish. This is the most delicious, but highly poisonous fish.

  6. @foonpgc
    the raw seafood prices should be i guess, though the food prices (cooked) are comparable :)

    i think they should be cheaper. if i know how to cook and staying there, i most likely would eat some of these often haha :)

    wow, bring it back by flight? that's not easy to do so! though i know they bring back dried stuff :)

    yes, the market was really quite a sight of so many things! :)

    ya, i think they mentioned it too. have u tried one before? or know anyone who did - wonder how it tastes :)

  7. wow..that.. non-puffer fish sure is special there, kesian kena caught.

    puffer fishs are the japanese delicacy yah? if chef cuts wrong..can die eating it!! how much is it? from the pic i can see....rm500 or is it rm5??

    all the fish/squid/prawn so BIG! omg.. so not like the ones we see in Giant/Cold Storage.

  8. I love prawn a lot! Last time I ate tiger prawn was 2 weeks ago and it was so delicious and as big as my palm! :D

    Eh Puffer can be eaten?

  9. @miu
    dont think its 500! haha. ya, got to be careful when preparing it heh :)

    the market btw was really an eye opener - totally agree, all seems so big! :)

  10. @faisal
    hmm, not very sure on this. but i remember they joked with me can cook just like curry :)


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