Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boracay White Beach

boracay white beach windyAfter the rounds through Boracay D*Mall, I finally ended up at the world renowned white beach. However, the weather was not in its 'best mood', and was very windy.

boracay white beach standThe winds were pretty strong that the stall owners at the beach have already come prepared with all the block of stands. The full white beach was divided with these stands which somewhat spoilt the view, but I guess are necessary precautions.

boracay white beach beachBut for those willing to walk beyond the stands, the view was simply breathtaking... the beach was one big stretch of fine sand facing the beautiful blue sea (apparently some say it is 5 colours of sea).

No doubt the strong winds are still around, but this is really a walk into a postcard... and for the island lover, it's like 'giving water to the fish'.

boracay white beach beach chairThe beach was simply inviting... ! Sea, sand, sun... and these relaxing chairs! Truly, an island holiday... if only everyday can be this :)

And then comes the best part - the sunset. Though I missed the blue-purple-red sunsets for the not-so-great weather, but what I saw was stilll something memorable. The wide beach played a big part that any sunset would make it beautiful...

boracay white beach postcardThe evening & sunset was a big draw and the crowd began to come out.... many of which were headed to the 'twin peaks' here - something I think is a must-take photo shot to say "Boracay... I've been there!".

Actually to me, that plus the full day of walking by the beach says not just that... but also, "Boracay, I will be back!" :)

*More things to do in Boracay up next!


  1. Ouh...the white beach is world renowned? I see. Yeah! From your picture, the weather is pretty windy huh! As if the coconut trees were going to be uprooted! :)

    Yeah! The stall owners prepared the block of stands huh! Maybe there are expecting it?

  2. The scenery in the evening is simply outstanding! :)

  3. It's a pity you went during the rainy season. That's why there are screens to avoid sand from getting into shups, etc.

    At this time, it's much better to go to the beaches on the other side of the island, rather than White Beach.

  4. Beautiful! Especially the last picture! I will call this "Paradise"! :)

  5. wow wow very beautiful pictures, boracay is truly amazing, the sunset and the evening boracay pics are the best, i have not seen a picture of boracay so magnificent. You really captured the dreamland that i experienced when i was there, definitely will go back there soon:) thanks for the pics

  6. Love this beach! Is it always this windy? I really must make a trip there! : )

  7. Lovely photos. It look windy place there, so relaxing...
    Thanks for those photos

    Tanya Gemarin

  8. This boracay beach resorts is really a breathtaking one. It is very relaxing seeing the beautiful place infront of you while enjoying the warm breeze of air that surrounds you. This is really a perfect place for the sunset and take each moment, feel it. This is great!


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