Sunday, September 06, 2009

Manila To Boracay!

I love islands - sea, sand, sun, beach. So, during my Philippines trip, I included the world famous island of Boracay. And it sure has it all - and more.

cebu air First off, boarding the 'budget air' Cebu Pacific airways. The plane ride is similar in most ways with any other airline, except that the stewardess play a game in between the flight, giving away their airline's products as prizes!

The questions were not tough - just things like: Who can show me their handphone, purse, belt, etc.

Anyway, a short ride and I arrived in Kalibu airport. Then it was a 1.5 hour van ride to the jetty. While some may find it boring, but the views of villages & paddy fields - that of South East Asia, is just scenic and always welcoming... making the ride bearable and in some ways enjoyable.

boracay Though this was a short ride (and luckily it was! - only bout 15 minutes), but I just couldn't wait for it to end. For the sea was very choppy and rough.

It was only later in the day did I find out that there was a typhoon in Manila (where the offices was closed for half day)! The ripples of the typhoon must have reached Boracay in some ways, though not as bad.

boracay jettyThe welcoming beach view of Boracay - the sun may not be out in full force and the waves rather choppy, but nothing better can be asked from the island lover! :)

boracay tricycle To get to the hotel, another ride awaits - the tricycle, which is to bring guests to any part of the island... namely to the hotel to check in!

boracay tricycle view And so the ride to the hotel goes... plus the wonderful trip on this beautiful island of Boracay! That's coming soon! :)

*I arrived at Kalibu airport as the Caticlan airport is closed for repairs. This caused for the 1.5 hour van ride.

*Apart from the boat ride fee, one is to pay 50 pesos for Terminal Fee + 50 pesos for Environmental & Admission Fee (to Boracay).


  1. i heard about this but never been there yet, Quachee... so looking forward to seeing your pics here.. u sure are enjoying yourself overseas... :)

  2. Finally! I've been waiting for this post on Boracay! Haha!

    What? The stewardess play a game during the flight? That's a first! So did you win any prize?

    I don't like if sea is too choppy - will suffer from seasick!

    Looking forward to your next post! : )

  3. Boracay? Looks beautiful from here. But the sea is a little rough don't you agree? :)

  4. More more more pictures/ blogs! Love reading your blogs on your trip in the Philippines. :)

  5. This place is world-famous so looking forward to your pictures, QC.

  6. yeah the game?? if you are a frequent jetsetter in'd be very common =p but cebu pacific did it well :)


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