Friday, September 25, 2009

Treasure At Vivo

The time is 8am - on a Saturday. Yes, that's what you need to do if you want to stand in the running to win the treasure hidden in Singapore's largest mall - Vivocity!

The chances may be slim, but this is certain: at least 1 person who wakes up early tomorrow will get SGD10000! Imagine that is you... wow!

And you don't need to go into a jungle or stay in a remote island for this... instead go to the mall. lol :)

Fat Chance? Well...

But anyway, for those who want a more certain win, there's the goodie bag (I know Singaporeans just love goodie bags!)... for this, just be the first 1000 to arrive (now I wonder how many will come in at 6am?).

And Malaysians can compete also... lah
Btw, this is open to anyone in the world (it says on their Facebook message: Anyone who is a fan of The Great Singapore Treasure Hunt on Facebook is allowed to participate. Also, you either need to be a Singaporean, a PR, an EP holder or a holder of any legitimate travel and/or work documents. There is no age limit).

Ah, what an open country huh. People from other countries may not fly all the way for this, but for some Malaysians, we can - it's just a drive away!

So, for the Malaysians in town or planning to make their way to the island, why not give a shot of that dollars? You just might get lucky! :)

*Those keen, register at VivoCity Terrace, Level 3 on 26th September 2009.

*I wonder who will be that lucky winner & how does he/ she planned for this hunt :)


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