Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Megamall Philippines

megamall philippinesThe other must visit mall in Manila & the Philippines is non other than SM Megamall. And like the name suggests, this is a huge mall - and is amongst the top 10 in the world.

I didn't had much time to cover the mall - spending most times in the cafe for internet, but from what I saw, this mall caters to the 'B' & maybe 'C' class (more on the classes which I learnt about soon).

megamall manila fruit juice Anyway, I still managed to grab some mango juice drinks here... in fact, that is what I've been doing lots in Manila... mainly because Manila is home to lots of mangoes! And I must say, the drinks are nice! :)

the soap factory philippines Most of the shops in the mall are the regular chain stores - maybe more. But one interesting shop or 'factory' I saw here is The Soap Factory.

The design of the shop is part factory like though most part of it is very well decorated & designed... Plus, there is this strong nice smell entering the shop.

the soap factory megamall Btw this shop actually sells natural handmade soaps - mainly bar soaps, but there are also those cake lookalikes.

When asked further, I was told that this is a local brand. And though this maybe a small example, but it does gives an impression that Philippines sure has lots to offer - in terms of creativity, style and even buying power :)

*Apparently, Filipinos classify themselves unofficially as Class A, B, C & D - similar to that of our way of classifying the classes by upper class, middle upper, etc. Btw, they freely acknowledge this classification, talking about it with a free spirit (eg. "Oh this mall is for Class A one, maybe some class B"). :)

*Sorry the posts on this Philippines trip is taking a long time. Just too many things on hand at this point (share with you more on this later). Anyway, stay tuned, there's more inspiring things in the Philippines than the already eye-opening malls! :)


  1. Huh? They have classes? And they don't mind about it? Looks like they are quite open about this classification idea? :)

    Soap the looks like cake? Then can we still use it? Ha :D

  2. Those cakes are soaps?

    Didn't know they have Class A -D, and talking openly about it!

  3. hmmmmm the soaps look so yummy hahahhaha, very interesting in deed! I guess Filipinos are free spirited and can talk anything and everything without hurting sensibilities....freedom power!

  4. do you know any website for the soap factory?.,


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