Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Great Singapore Hunt

Remember we use to have some treasure hunt back in Malaysia? I never thought it can be such a big thing, especially when you are hunting in Singapore...!

But well, the island is apparently big enough for a hunt & loads of treasures...

the great singapore treasure huntThere are treasures hidden in Clifford Pier...

the great singapore treasure huntThen there are also treasures hidden in the beach at East Coast Park (wish it was there the last time I visited the park lol).

the great singapore treasure huntAnd more treasures on to another park - the Bishan Park...

the great singapore treasure huntAnd erm, yes, Little India too has treasures.

Apparently, all these 'smaller hunts' all over the island are to prepare all for the big big hunt of $10000 on 26 September 2009!

Frankly, I'm not a fan of running around for treasures, but if you are, well, get the updates on where to find the next treasure on Facebook! You never know, the big prize might just be yours...

*btw those who say Singapore is small, I think they should try too... I bet the island won't look so small after all the running around haha :)

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  1. Trasure hunt in Singapore? My....that must be fun. Hmm...Singapore is relatively small but not really that tiny! :)

    How come there are green Ninjas? :p


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