Friday, September 18, 2009

Boracay DMall

boracay dmall
Some might be wondering why am I talking about the mall here in this beach island... well, initially, I too was a bit surprised that I was told to heading to 'D*Mall' as my first stopping point in Boracay island.

I was to find that out later... but anyway, here's somethings I noticed at this 'open mall area'.

boracay hand painted tshirtFound this quite a nice souvenir - get your name painted on a tshirt! (some names like the one above can be bought directly).

boracay cafeAnyway what I like about the mall is the unique shops & their interesting fronts & designs... giving the 'welcome- you're on a holiday' feel.

boracay restaurantOne of the more beautiful restaurants - especially on photo! Btw, I realised that this restaurant was also shot in one of Korea's drama DVD - Romantic Island.

boracay barAnd when on the island, how can one miss the bars. The drinks on the island was incredibly cheap compared to home - for example, a glass of alcohol is only about 60-70 pesos! So when I was at the bar at early afternoon, the lady just said "Ain't it a lil early for a drink?" lol :)

boracay soap shopAs I was walking out of the mall area, I came across - another souvenir shop... selling soaps! This shop is no 'factory' like the one I visited, but nevertheless this shop is still quite something. Btw, the soaps are cheaper here (about 50 pesos/ bar).

Though I enjoyed the mall area, but the one reason to come to Boracay is non other than the already so famous long White Beach... and this is what I saw after passing through D*Mall:

boracay white beachNow, that's when to say Mabuhay! :)


  1. Wow! Can they paint Tekkaus? :p

    Ouh...this restaurant was filmed in a Korean Movie? Interesting! How come the koreans come to Philippines? :p

    The last wind must be very strong o. :O

  2. The shirt souvenir idea is nice!! I don't think there's anything like that in Singapore,and the beach is really gorgeous!
    Should really visit Boracay some time.. thanks for the pictures and blog entry! =)

  3. haha... I can't imagine walking around with a t-shirt that screams 'Happysurfer'.

  4. Wow! The beach looks so beautiful! And it must very windy seeing that last photo!

    Very holiday feel just by looking at these photos. Nice place to relax! : )

  5. wow the shops in boracay are so interesting, the beach is so gorgeous. Many koreans in Philippines are studying english there. Hope to see more pics of the beach. Great pics.


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