Sunday, May 16, 2010

Malaysian Boys Should Learn From The Korean Girls

Talk about Korean girls & we think of the beautiful big eyed actresses in the drama series.

But no, this is not about the sexy & beautiful Koreans who cry beautifully on our screens. Or their so cute actions dancing around like when they sing the hit Nobody .

Instead, it's the wilder & tougher part of the girls that we can only see in sports. Yes, the Korean girls Uber Cup team.

Now, the odds were against them. They had to face the top favourite, the "mighty" Great-Wall of China, who has beaten them for the past many finals before.. And the fact that Korea has never lifted the Uber Cup before.

But that's not the biggest hurdle. Take a look at their world rankings. Sure, they maybe seeded 2nd, but the Koreans are not even in the top 10 rankings for both singles & doubles, while China dominates most of it! So, yes, u can say the odds are pretty high against them - with a predicted win favouing non other than China.

But that's not the same belief the Korean girls have. Reading the reports of interviews with the players after the games, they believed in themselves, in winning the Uber Cup.. somewhat kept their cool, played their game right.. and simply stunned their counterparts!

If it was Malaysia, we might have given up right from the start. Like what our boys did against China. The boys lost in mental strength from the very beginning! Their games faltered and they didn't even stretched themselves losing in nothing but in straight games!

Sure China is good, but hey, we've got world no 1 men's sigles & doubles!!! And we're on homegrown some more! What more do we need, team Malaysia?

I think this Korean girls win gives a big inspiration to many. In fact, this win achieved many targets - something which I've mentioned before - on why Malaysia should win.

Well, our team didn't inspire us, but at least the Korean girls did.. they united the Malaysians to support them (to fight against our 'enemy' China), instilled some hope & confidence.. by showing that nothing is impossible (even when facing an uphill battle). The only thing they didn't do of course, was to uplift brand Malaysia, but instead they lifted brand Korea (which is now about determination & wanting to be at the top!).

To our beloved team Malaysia, don't in any way feel insulted. Instead, I urge you to learn from the Korean. Girls.

And hopefully then can we can show the world that team Malaysia & brand Malaysia is just as great, if not greater too! We can, Malaysia!


  1. We should have strong mentality just like them. Too bad we tend to get crumbled easily. :/

  2. well written! the rankings dont really count, but the attitude, determination, spirit, performance, tactic, etc are the most important stuff to win in every game... too bad i wasnt there to counsel the players... hahaha

    see, japanese team can beat msia, why not korea in winning the uber cup? wonder we could make it or not if the uber cup final is before thomas cup semi final

  3. We have world #1 men singles and doubles because China was picky in entering tournaments. :P

  4. Yes, I'm sorry to say that Lee Chong Wei is ranked as #1 in the world but realistically he's nowhere near the best - Lin Dan. I remember feeling completely embarrassed at the last Olympics when Chong Wei was expertly demolished by Lin Dan in the final. And what did Malaysia do next? Give him a Datukship!!! For what? Losing???

    And it was more of the same in the Thomas Cup SF. It was embarrassing, and I'm not even Malaysian! Chong Wei either can't handle the additional pressure or just doesn't have anything in his armoury to trouble the best. (I tend to think both are correct)

    It was said that China were better prepared. But why weren't Malaysia as well prepared as the Chinese? Especially considering this was in their own back yard!

    Excuses, excuses blah blah blah. I was likewise disappointed with the doubles of Koo and Tan. It was embarrassing that such supposedly great players were hung, drawn and quartered in front of their own fans.

    Malaysia will try again next time, but they will have to match and surpass the standards set by the brilliant Chinese.

  5. Ah...finally an inspiring post! : )

  6. Yeah, Malaysians give up too easily. Attitude makes a big difference!

  7. That said, I think the Wonder Girls are inspiring too : )

  8. Key point is the correct "ATTITUDE" ~;). tQ.


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