Sunday, May 09, 2010

Don't So Stressed Lah.. Come Chillax A Bit

Whatever age you are in, whichever career you do, there is stress.. be it if you are studying, working for others or am an entrepreneur (or even retirees for that matter :) ).

And for me, life as an entrepreneur who aims to go big someday, I too face a lot of stress as well.

But today is not about the stress I face. Instead, it's what I do to release stress.. and like they say, chillax a bit. Here goes:

1. Read some inspiring books
Doesn't matter who your favourite author is, or whether u like to read fiction or non fictions.

More importantly, take some time off your busy schedule to indulge in some good inspiring reads. Apart from relaxing one's mind, the good info from the books will give a good input to the mind & will then give a good impact to life.

Btw, I find the period I read are always more uplifting than the period I neglect them books!

2. Chillout with inspiring friends
We can hang out with any friend, but the best are friends who share a positive output of life. Not all of my friends who I hang out with are entrepreneurs, but at least, they share the same energy of looking at life positively.. so u can say, yes, I'm somewhat selective.

This I learnt from the books I read. For I don't want to mix much with those who just drain our energy. Instead, it's better to mix with those who can help to encourage each other, and even help each other in showing things from another perspecitve..

Many times, my friends have shown the other side of the coin to me - where problems I thought difficult then become not too big after all.

3. Listen to inspiring & uplifting songs.

Upbeat songs are cool, especially in the early mornings to start the day right. Songs with inspiring lyrics do get the mood up as well.

Lately, I've been listening to my favourite channel One FM because of the songs they play - top Mando songs (plus a good variety of English songs too).

And here, one of my favourite songs currently, Man Man.

4. Go Exercise

Yeah, go sweat it out. For me, my way of exercising is mainly in the form of swimming or playing basketball.

Usually, my mind is more relaxed during the exercise & continues so even after it. Many times too, I get inspired while the exercise (usually while swimming) & get some brilliant ideas as well.

5. Enjoy that movie
Similar to the above, it doesn't matter what movie attracts you - be it blockbusters or independent art house movies.

For me, the best movies I like are those with some strong inspiring meaning behind (usually Asian cinema).. or those that are pure enjoyments that can take away the stress in mind (think Avatar!).

6. Pray
I'm no religious person, but I believe our conversations with God helps us in our daily challenges.

Well, there u have it.. my ways to chillax despite the many challenges I face daily. If u haven't tried out the steps above, I suggest you do. And if u have any other ways to chillax, do let me know too :)

*This article is written in support of Entrerpeneurship in Malaysia [Karnival Kerjaya dan Keusahawanan Graduan 2010 (K3G 2010)], happening at PWTC, 14 - 16 May 2010! (btw, no this is not a paid post in any way) :)


  1. you have your own ways to de-stress ya... mine are cooking, photography, travelling, sunbathing, and some you have mentioned here

  2. As for me, exercise is the best. :)

  3. Exercise, chatting with friends, blogging, sms-ing, tweeting, eating, watching movies, masturbating....haha! All these are effective method for relaxation and de-stress, at least for me! LOL!


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