Friday, January 15, 2010

Malaysia Best Ramly Burger?

"Ah, you mau cari itu burger no 1 di Malaysia ah... tu kat sana tu... betul, gua tak bohong you, memang no 1 punya!" (Ah, you want to find that Malaysia no. 1 burger ah.. there it is... really, I'm not lying, it's really no. 1!)
so I was told when on my hunt for the popular ramly burger in the Klang Valley.

"Tapi dia buka malam punya ah... pukul 9 macam" (but he opens at night... bout 9 at night).

best burger malaysia uptownSo when the night came, I headed to this burger stall.

The location: Damansara Utama (or like the PJ-ers call it: Uptown-lah)

Wasn't too hard to find as it's like the only Ramly burger in the area...

Surprisingly, on that weekday night, the queue was short... Why no queue for the best burger? But I didn't want to judge yet... not till I lay my hands on that so talked about burger!

The menu has a huge variety... and the easiest way out - I asked the seller to recommend. So the Special Cheese Burger was on the way.

It's intersting that I paid more attention to his cooking than compared to buying burgers elsewhere... just wanting to search for that Secret Recipe he has...

After some observation, I think it's in his style of cooking - for he sure cooks like a pro!

burger ramly uptown eggFirst, get the egg right. See how the egg white comes nicely first before the egg yolk.

ramly burger uptown meat pattyNext, place the patty right in the middle of the egg.

burger ramly uptown special cheeseAnd finally, add that cheese to make it all special!

All seems so simple, but I can see he places great emphasis to his cooking. Everything must just be perfect!

burger ramly uptownAnd so is the packaging! Forget those purple tissue wraps... this burger aims to impress!

burger ramly uptown burger malaysiaCooking style - impressive.
Packaging - very good.
Now, it's the most important thing of all - the taste.

Friend says
"Yes, definitely one of the better burgers I've tried...
not too oily btw".

Another friend says the same thing too.

And yes, they are right.
It is better than most ramly burgers around especially if you order the beef patty

But to the answer whether it is the best Ramly burger in Malaysia - well, I'm not too sure about that. Let me try more yummy burgers around KL & PJ first! (ps: where else shall I try?)

*I tried both the chicken & beef and would recommend the beef.

*The stall opens from 8pm-3am daily, and is located just opposite the hawker's centre in the main business area of Uptown.


  1. Ooo... I need to look for a Ramly burger now.

  2. A double special with cheese and pineapple for me!

  3. lina, I think you prefer takoyaki than ramly burger, hahaha!

    quachee, when are you going to bring me to the best ramly burger in Malaysia, currently rumoured by you to be in Uptown? : )

  4. @foong,
    takoyaki in Malaysia not nice...
    Have to go eat in Japan only. LOL
    I don't pass up a chance to eat Ramly burger. Love them, I do. :)

  5. I thing the best one I have ever eaten is in Kajang. :p

  6. Why not Quachee burger. Not a bad idea right :)

  7. The best burger I had is in Miri made by a group of boys involved in a sale : they used Worcester Sauce and buffalo meat and lots of garlic and Sarawak Black Pepper.

    the buffalo meat was donated by a kampung man who slaughtered his animal hurt by a nasty man.

    That was a great one-off project!

  8. you shld try a burger stall in sunway....his been selling burgers for more than 20 years (prior to this he was in pj old town)....just go straight from shell station behind sunway mentari until u c the last low cost flat on our left....the blue ramly burger stall is located below the try his hotdog special and berger daging garing with cheese....this guy sells an average 200 to 600 burgers a me he is better than OM or burger shop ss15....just my 2cents


  9. Kafe Paprika at UTP has the BIGGEST and Best Burgers in Malaysia

  10. Wow....that's a mouth-watering burger! Love the way you wrote your post - it's creative! :))

  11. alright.. i shall try this on the next round of my "ramly burger" crave... and .. i'll bring u to the one in Bandar Baru Sentul :-D.... oh a burger hunting we shall go .. hehe


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