Monday, January 11, 2010

Singapore Memories: Singapore Singers & Songs

I'm recollecting some of my memories from Singapore.

In this first installment, I'd like to recollect something close to heart - songs, or more rightfully so - Songs by Singaporeans that have been part of my life there.

1. Celest Chong & My First Chinese Concert

It was in Singapore that I became exposed to the many Chinese songs, and amongst the many is this song from Celest Chong, who performed in the university one day. Though I've not heard of her before, but my friends & myself went to watch her perform... It was my first time attending a Chinese concert and yes, I got her album - with her signature too!

2. Stefanie Sun & The Dormintory Song

One of Singapore's most successful singers (if not most successful) & who hails from my alma malter (oh yeah!)! It was during that period too that Stefanie was at her peak and this song (Yu Jian) from the touching movie, Turn Left, Turn Right movie, just rocks! Every dormitory room could be heard playing this song!

3. Ho Yeow Sun (Sun Ho) & The Church

Ho Yeow Sun, the wife of the Pastor Kong from City Harvest Church came out with a few Chinese albums and I bought her first. There were lots of hype for the album and controversies too. Ntevertheless I think her first album is not too bad - it does fulfill its purpose - ie to inspire :)

4. Kit Chan & Hip National Day Songs

Singapore recognises its top singers by getting them to perform their National Day Songs. Done in MTV style with catchy tunes, the songs are pretty cool with touching videos to boot. This song by Kit Chan (Home) is one of the more popular ones. The other popular one is by Stefanie Sun (We Will Get There).
However, my favourite is Reach Out For The Skies.

5. JJ Lin, Tanya Chua & The Taiwanese Dream

Make a mark in the Taiwanese music industry - and you'd make it in the whole Chinese music industry. It's no wonder every Chinese entertainer is flocking there including Singaporean singers like JJ Lin & Tanya Chua. Tanya btw used to sing in English before that crossover to Mando pop! Now, that's interesting!

6. Taufik Batisah & Singapore Idol Fever

Post uni came the Idol Fever - and I think nothing beats Singapore Idol Season 1. Just like in Malaysia, the finals was intense - and eventually Taufik won (beating Sylvester Sim), and was given to sing the inspiring song of I Dream!

7. Hady Mirza & Ouch, Jaclyn Victor

I also followed Singapore Idol Season 2 quite a fair bit, though it wasn't as hype as the first season. Another close final, and Hady won (beating Jonathan Leong), given another inspiring song to sing... and also became the 1st Asian Idol! (what an ouch for Malaysia's Jaclyn Victor & fans).

8. Kelvin Tan Wei Lian & Talents Without Boundaries

From the English Singapore Idol, then came what was closer to Singapore: the Mandarin reality singing competition, Project Superstar. A huge success, this reality show saw a partially blind person winning & having a recording contract - who else but non other than Kelvin Tan. Now it goes to show that talent has no boundaries! :)

These are mainly mainstream songs and till today, I still play some of them. However, these are not the only songs I remember, as there are also many other interesting songs from Singapura - which are coming up next!... Expect to read about some funny Singapore you may not know! :)

*Other singers worth mentioning is Joi Chua, Aliff Aziz.


  1. I think my piano version of Yu Jian is better than Stephanie Sun's singing, haha!

    How is it possible for Hady to beat Jaclyn? She's way better.

    Project Superstar? I've seen the Malaysian version and I think almost all the contestants cannot sing!

  2. The best song you have listed is JJ's Sarang heyo. :p

  3. wow so many nice songs here :) best collection of your singaporean songs?

  4. QC, this is a wonderful collection in one place. Kudos!

  5. yes truly i was in a search of an articles like this
    thanks keep it up


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