Saturday, January 30, 2010

When Korean Girls Cry

Have you seen how Korean girls cry? Well you may not have seen them cry in real life, but I'm sure you've at least seen 1 (if not many) Korean girls cry through their drama series.

So, what's so special about their cry?

Well, I think they cry in style.
You see, Korean girls don't really cry. In fact, they only tear.

And they do it beautifully of course, first by getting their eyes all swelled up.
Then their teardrop slowly rolls down the cheek, while the girl stares straight right ahead, hardly blinking in between. So what we see is this
pretty big eyes all watery and moist...

And all the while she cries, she sits with an upright posture, giving that feeling of being in control yet very tender.

Now, that's what I call crying with style....
the Korean girls show that crying need not make girls look 'ugly'.
And so far, it seems that the Korean girls seem to pull this off best - for unlike other TV shows in the region, the Korean actresses hardly wail, weep, scream or rub their eyes with fingers, hands... or anything else to jeopardise their good looks.

But instead,
it's a cry with one's beautiful features still well highlighted, and if anything, just shows how much more beautiful they can be!

*This is just my take - based on watching Korean dramas. For the girls, you do not need to be offended if you don't cry like that haha. But, the next time you cry, try crying the Korean (drama) way - you might just get things your way - easier :)

*I also believe that the other drama series in the region can improve their ratings & quality, if they adopt some of these techniques by the Koreans... they after all brought that Korean wave!


  1. oh... i dont want any of my female friends cry or tear... wanna them be happy always =p

  2. Haha, no girls cry like the Korean actresses in real life : )

  3. korean girls in drama are actresses.. you want real girls to act as well? =P


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