Friday, January 02, 2009

Shanghai Wax Museum

Shanghai Wax Museum: Madame Tussauds

I'm not much a museum fan, but a wax museum? Well, that one got my attention.

And what do one expect of a wax museum? Well, stars! And stars I saw!

shanghai wax museum, bill gatesFrom pop star to international business stars - they had it all. Here is Bill Gates.

shanghai wax museum,tom cruiseThe international stars include - Tom Cruise, in his usual red carpet pose.

shanghai wax museum, nicole kidmanAnd near Tom Cruise, there is his ex wife, Nicol Kidman.

shanghai wax museum, julia robertsAnd with big smiles all round, Julia Roberts.

shanghai wax museum, princess dianaThose stars who've passed away as big stars are honoured. Here's Princess Diana in full elegance.

shanghai wax museum, marilyn monroeAnd the sexy Marilyn Monroe in her famed pose (they actually have a fan below!)

shanghai wax museum, david beckham, victoriaAlso acknowledged are the power couples too. Here is David Beckham and wife, Victoria.

shanghai wax museum, brad pitt, angelinaAnd the current power couple, Bradd Pitt & Angelina.

shanghai wax museum, jackie chanAnd what's Shanghai if not recognising the Asian stars who made big globally. Leading the lot will definitely be Jackie Chan.

shanghai wax museum, zhang yimouThe acclaimed Zhang Yimou!

shanghai wax museum, michelle yeohI really just have to take this picture.... yes, Malaysia's very own, Michelle Yeoh.

shanghai wax museum, andy lauHeavenly King, Andy Lau, who till today still shines bright.

shanghai wax museum, aaron kwokAnd the other Heavenly King, who is also into acting more now, Aaron Kwok.

shanghai wax museum, jay chouThe singers are not left out. There is this Pepsi section with its famed stars. Leading the pack, undeniably is Mando pop prince, Jay Chou (though I must say he looked kinda short).

shanghai wax museum, jolin tsaiThe other star power - Jolin Tsai, posing in her Pepsi commercial gear.

One more segment worth mentioning is the sports segment with international sports players getting recongition.
shanghai wax museum, yao mingHere is where China's sports stars got their recognition - tall basketball player, Yao Ming.

shanghai wax museum, liu xiangAnd the 110m hurdles athlete, Liu Xiang.

After an hour or more seeing all these stars, I got a bit dizzy (really!). But it's worth it - as for me, it's like puttiing a dream cos I do hope that someday, I'll work with some of these stars - for real!

*The entrance is 105 yuan per person, though I think there's a discount for 2 or more.

*There were many other stars who were given recognition here in the Shanghai Wax Museum - like Hugh Grant, Jack Nicholsan, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Twins, Nicholas Tse, Jerry F4, Bill Clinton, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods... the list goes on. The ones who I didn't see - Mariah Carey, Zhang Ziyi, Takeshi, Steven Spielberg and Ekin Cheng.

*The only thing I wish the organisers can do is to have English words to help other non local visitors understand the Asian stars better.


  1. Pretty good, some of them. Thanks for sharing.

    QC, Happy New Year to you and may the new year bring you all the things you wish and work for.

  2. Nice! But I feel a bit eerie standing to them! Especially those celebrities who've already died eg. Princess Diana.

    All of them look very realistic, except for Brad Pitt and Jay Chou - don't look like them! Aaron Kwok looks a bit too thin.

    But Nicole Kidman looks fantastic!

  3. How come some look a bit fake? LOL! :P

  4. omg! some of the wax celebrities look so real! i just want to take angelina home :P

  5. oh wow!
    Marilyn Monroe looks the same as the one in Madame Tussauds here :D

  6. "Nicole Kidman" looks so beautiful and realistic!

  7. the nicole kidman looks so real. i think she looks fake in person. lol.

  8. i really thought u met with jackie. I saw yr post on PPS hahah. i have never been to a wax museum. would seem a bit creepy at night huh? hahah

  9. @happysurfer
    thanks, uve been a great blogger friend! :)

    i thought jay looked so different too! but yes, nicole looks the best here! :)

    some are alrite, but i agree, some do look fake :)

    haha, u can take the doll home! :)

    oh really? are the rest similar too? :)

    ya she looks the best of the lot! haha

    fake in person? haha. first time hearing that :) she does look kinda fierce. hehe

    hopefully, i can tell you that for real in the future (my dream!) :)


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