Thursday, January 07, 2010

Watching Lost

lostAs much as I'm waiting to watch Heroes Season 3 & 4 (which is still unavailable here in Malaysia), I've moved on to watch the rival show, Lost.

Initially, when Lost first premiered, I thought it was very Survivor like - left on an island, and try to survive. Least to say, Lost didn't really appeal to me at the start. But then again, it has high ratings...

lost survivorAsking my friends who have watched the series - they gave me mixed reviews. While a friend said its way more interesting than the Superheroes from Heroes, however, I've also gotten reviews from another friend who said that Lost is boring.

Still, reviews are personal, and with its high ratings...
"I just had to watch what this series is all about."

And personally, I find Lost so similar to Heroes in nearly every sense - there's a group of people from the world over, with distinct characters... with each having their own story (btw, even the characters in both series seem to have similar characteristics!). In some ways, this makes the series interesting.

But it's also this that makes the series a drag. Unlike Asian drama series, which mainly have 2-3 different plots going on - and most of them having forward-moving storylines, however in Lost, it's much more complicated.

This 'ding dong' effect from a character's past to another, then moving to the present day issues on the island, with many stops in between the issues... can be a bit of a drawback especially for one watching after a long day at work.

But despite all these, I'm not complaining. I still find the series quite unique and am still clocking my hours. So far, the series seem to be building up more - and I hope it can only get better :)

Have u watched Lost? What do u think? And what do u think I should watch next? :)


  1. I have watched a few episodes of it. The idea is great..but after that I found out that the plot is getting a little unrealistic. :/

  2. First season, I like. Then, I started to lose interest to watch the subsequent seasons.

  3. i am watching hk cantonese and taiwanese series now... will have a look for this series end of feb after my first semester in frankfurt :)

  4. Lost is a drama with a very confusing storyplot. I find it hard to follow.

    But maybe that's just me :)

    Must-watch: Temptation of Wife (Cruel Temptation)

    I even did a review on it last month and lo and behold, it recently won some SBS (not the bus) drama award

  5. I like Lost in its 1st season. It's interesting to find out about the truth of each character. After the 1st season, I didn't follow up anymore so not interested anymore. I think the ratings also dropped after that : )


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