Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why Malaysia Needs To Win The Thomas Cup - Badly

The Thomas Cup Finals is here again. Though Malaysia has been featured in the finals for a very long time now, but it has been quite sometime since I felt Malaysians from all walks of life coming together to support our national team.

And that makes me feel good.. for after all, our team needs our support, especially that they are playing on home ground.

Now, as much as they need us, I think Malaysia (or Malaysians) need our team to win this cup as well.. Here's 3 main reason:

1. Unite The Segmented Malaysians
Seriously, with such a segmented country, it is really tough for us Malaysians to come together for anything. Most of the times, something only caters to one or at most 2 major race groups.

Take our entertainment industry for example.. Sure we all know who Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is, but ask most non Malays, and what songs does she sings? I doubt many will know.

Or take our movie industry. Some of you will know the likes of Ica Kacang Puppy Love or Woohoo! But some others of you will know movies like Pisau Cukur better. Yeah, these are all Malaysian productions, but clearly u can see they cater to one race group or another..

But take badminton, and it doesn't really matter which race we are. We all roughly know our players.. And I must say, it is only badminton (or at most squash) that can bring us Malaysians together!

2. Make Brand Malaysia Proud
Heard bout the many grouses so many Malaysians have about their own country? We so often compare ourselves with the other nations, which we are clearly not in their league in many things.

And it's because of this, plus the fact that many Malaysian products/ services are substandard that spoils the whole made-in-Malaysia products (talk bout some bad apples!).

Well, this is the chance for Malaysia to redeem itself.. to put back that confidence in the rakyat. It's time to show that despite all the lacking & negative criticisms we have, but Malaysia truly can (yes, Malaysia Boleh!).

3. Instill Some Confidence & Hope In The Malaysians
I have a feeling somewhat that Malaysia has never really gone out of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1998. Sure we had a small bull run a few years back, before the world economy crisis hit us.. but that run was nothing compared to our high optimisms back in our 90s heydays.

Nowadays, many Malaysians complain about the hard life they face. Many do not have hopes of a good present nor future. And many have left the country simply because of this reason.

But by winning this Thomas Cup, it can make a difference. It can give the people some form of hope. After all, our team are not the top favourites to win this cup.. hence winning it can show the people that it doesn't really matter where we come from or where we stand.

Instead, it shows that everything is possible.. and so is a better future.

With these 3 main reasons, I hope that team Malaysia will go all out to win glory for our nation.

Yes, team Malaysia, we need this win.. let's create history, once more!


  1. Yeah! I hope we can practice this spirit even in our everyday life and not only during sports competition. :0

  2. Nothing is impossible. Go Malaysia Go! tQ.

  3. i dont think after getting the cup back home, the people will still keep the spirit up >< anyway really wish this cup could bring us better future... but just in case, i mean in case we couldnt make it...then apa macam??

  4. @fufu
    agree. we need a series of wins to keep the momentum going. one thomas cup may not be enough. but let it the start :D

    and if we lose, then lets hope there's something else we malaysians can look fwd to.. :D

  5. hi Quachee, i have been posting abouT Thomas Cup these few days.. tomorrow is the semi.. do u think we can break thru the Great Wall? needs a miracle to do that.. nevertheless, lets give our moral support to our players!!

  6. Wish them Good Luck! And please don't let us down...

  7. You know I seem to notice that too the past few days when I followed Thomas Cup on TV. People of all races just come together miraculously, chanting our national players regardless of their skin colour. And I am impressed! That the power of badminton is so strong, really. Let's hope all these would not be in vain yea?

  8. true-anak-watan-malaysiaSaturday, May 15, 2010 5:51:00 AM

    what you said is true. no doubt about that. thats why ppl say, sport unite. talking abt Msian leaving the country, i think... u also contribute to the statistic? u shd be based in Msia, holding and defending Msia's fort. bring msia back to its glorious days. :p

    and, just a little to add, we cant do much with racism in Msia isnt it? Msia has got a racisim tumor in the brain, n occasionally having headache. instead of removing the tumor, we are just taking painkiller and panadol to temporarily surpress the pain. Badminton is like the panadol lah. u know what i mean. having said that, i still hope n wish the best for Msia.

  9. wow im touched that all of you are here to support malaysia.

    truly, we dont need any glamourous campaigns for unity. its all here :D

    i still think of u & yr love for our team when i read about malaysia badminton :D

    sadly, they did.. :(

    yes, its a pity we lost. but u can see, malaysians of all races support malaysia.. our chinese support malaysia, not china. we know where we stand, we are malaysian. i hope the leaders of the country can see this.

    ya so sad :(

    @true anak watan malaysia
    nice to see u commmenting here. first time heh? but i think u came to my blog before. btw, im back in beloved country - hoping to make a difference. :)

    btw agree on the racism in our country. i think its mainly some bad rotten apples. they should be thrown out to an island and never return!!!

  10. I agree sports do unite all races. But actually we are all united already until the politicians started to play dirty and disunite us!!

    We are already 1Malaysia in the very beginning - sports do help but we need a lot of sports to do this, not just badminton. Thomas Cup alone is not enough. The damage is too deep.


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