Thursday, May 20, 2010

Talk More. Pay Less.. Really One Ah

Do u call overseas often? I have.

And the thing is, the call charges are always soooo expensive. Especially if calling directly from our landline.

Yeah, I know some would recommend calling from the online services.. but even though those maybe somewhat cheaper, but then, they always have a lag (some have told me it's because of the slow internet connection in Malaysia?).

The lag is quite frustrating, and definitely not a good choice to call for business.

With not much choice, my team & myself have used calling directly from the landline, despite knowing it's gonna be quite a bomb (hey, if calling Penang from PJ is RM1/ minute, then what about calling overseas?). Well, in many ways, it's because we don't have any other choice.

Not till I found out about iTalk. Now I know it has been around for a long time, but I've never really tried it till recently.

i talk card

The outcome: the calls are clear and the rates are cheap - so it do benefit us in that way. The only drawback - having to key in the card numbers each time. That can be quite time consuming.

But I guess for now, that is one solution on saving some cashflow.. and making that important calls to our counterparts overseas :D

*Do u use any other calling services? What are they?


  1. Why not if it is cheap right? I don't mind at all. I mean to key in those numbers one by one. :p

  2. Thankz for the info on iTalk, sorry never called overseas not even S'pore so do not know of any other alternative to share here. tQ.


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