Sunday, May 02, 2010

Blog Less, Facebook (& Twitter) More

Hi readers & fellow bloggers.

Ive been blogging much less recently. But that doesn't mean I'm away from the internet world.. Far from it actually.

Instead I've been more active recently on Facebook. Yeah, more micro blogging of late. The convenience of uploading things instantaneously without having to have a full long story to accompany makes it much more attractive - it saves more time!

The thing I do most there is to share my journey here in the Klang Valley (from status updates & photos I see in daily life).. plus I also share my dream photos.

About Twitter... Now, I'm not a big Twitter fan, though I've signed up on this site for a while now. But this may change with a new iPhone app: Echofon for Twitter. It allows one to track the replies from fellow twitterers. So, now Twitter can be fun too - though I'm still getting a hang of it.

Anyway, saying all these, this blog will still be around. Yes, I'll still continue to blog on topics which are longer & may need some public attention.

But for a quicker update & if u have a Facebook & Twitter account, then, do find me there. The name - is the same, QuaChee :)


  1. yeah do share your interesting story here with us from time to time ok? i am still blogging and facebooking... seldom tweet because i have no iphone or bb >< or well i dont have a handy here in germany T.T

  2. Bananaz shall slow slow issue as long as you blog haha. Not much into FB or Twitter. tQ

  3. Yeah! That's what I notice bro. You no longer blog. LOL :D I mean you blog less.

  4. @fufu
    good good. i see u often on fb :)

    hey many thanks for the encouragement. ur comment really makes me want to continue blogging long long some more. hehe

    ya, it nearly died. but trust me, its still alive haha

  5. it's great to hav an iphone...too bad i dun hav one!
    im more towards tweeter too...just to follow 'tweets' but seldom reply.
    blogs...nah, too old fashion..though i use to update them once in a while.
    facebook...i miss it soooo mch!!! reason? the company has blocked the site! damn!


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