Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wuzhen Dongzha

wuzhen river boat
There are 2 scenic must see places here in Wuzhen - the Dongzha Scenic Spot and the other the Xizha Scenic Spot.

Well actually, it's not really a 'spot', but 2 quite huge water villages built along the river.

wuzhen round entranceI started my day visiting the smaller of the 2 is Dongzha, which has a very broad pathway along the river, and with many real houses still there - and the villagers living in them.

wuzhen dongzha streetOn the other side of the river and parallel to it, is a long street of their authentic old houses. However, most of the houses seem to have their doors closed, which is a pity... but I guess to keep their own privacy.

wuzhen blue dyeBesides the houses, this quite cultural place has a fair bit of museums sharing what their culture is about - including this 'blue dye' cloth making (batik China style). I'm impressed the way they hang it up!

wuzhen birdHowever, it's not the museums that caught my attention, but some beautiful shots that one can take just walking down the lanes in Dongzha.

The bird cage is most likely put up for tourist purposes - haha!

wuzhen chairThe mini stool meant for adults! This one I think is for real.

wuzhen food, mutton noodleI especially enjoyed having my meal by the river - this is the famous Wuzhen's mutton noodle.

But that wasn't my only rest-stop, as this whole area of walking really get the legs tired (think a total of 5 hours non stop).

wuzhen fruitsSo before I left, I was looking for another restaurant. But not wanting to over indulge, yet wanting a good place to rest (by the river of course!), I just ordered the 8 yuan chrysanthemum tea (which Wuzhen is famous for).

And as for the oranges - I've brought it along with me (I bought from the night market) and asked them to cut. They served it so well!

And after the good rest, I was ready to continue my journey to the other scenic area - Xizha, which is touted as the more scenic of the two.

That's coming up next! :)

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  1. nice place to explore and you have a good eye for photography.

    btw, thx for visiting my blog.

  2. Wow! How do they hang the 'blue dye' cloth? Very scenic place - I just wonder if the place ever get flooded? Was the mutton noodle and the tea nice?

  3. this kind of place can attract my photography mode

  4. feel like going there only but nvm la...

    nice pics anyway

  5. Wow nice pics, looks like the place where Tom Cruise film Mission Impossible,

  6. I realize something. You like to take the view between 2 buildings.. Hahaha.. That's your styles ar?

  7. Lovely lovely photos and I really love the places you are travelling to! Hopefully I will have enough $$$ to travel there soon :)

  8. But where are the locals? The place looks like a dead town - lifeless albeit peaceful and quiet. Pray tell.

  9. i love the house on the water and the bridge at night! beautiful.

  10. @life ramblings
    thank you. glad you like the pics - will continue to take photos :)

    the noodles was so so, but the mutton is quite nice, which i tried the day before in another restaurant. hmmm, u have a good question on the floods... but i doubt so, since this is a tourist place haha! :)

    yes, it sure will. u have a great photography, and will definitely like here. i was awed with this watervillage too :)

    there are 6 water villages in china - one day, u will go to either one im sure :)

    yes, can u remember, there's a scene with maggie here as well. but that is when the town is so much more lively with all the extras! :)

    actually i didnt notice till u pointed out haha! :)

    yes, do visit here or any of the other water villages. i think ull love it :)

    ya, i found it too quiet as well - didnt give a very nice feeling. the locals seem to shut their doors, though they are living inside. what a pity. but i guess they need privacy too :)

    yes, that's the reason to come here hehe :)


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