Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Venetian Macau

venetian macau ceilingHeard so much & seen so many pictures of the Venetian Macau - so it definitely was on my must see places in Macau.

I knew that i was in for some grand display of some sorts, and true to form, it was - right from the taxi stand. Just see the magnificent paintings of the ceilings on the top.

venetian mcau painted ceilingThe beautiful ceilings continue to awe visitors - from the main entrance all the way passing by the Venetian Macau casino. Yes, one is to walk through it to get to the shopping area. (Was not allowed to take any photos of the casino though).

venetian macau shoppingMore beautiful ceilings await me further on at the mall. This painting sure is a sight to behold!

venetian macau shopActually the whole shopping area is quite interesting. It's really a make up fantasy land with river canals and unique architectural shops to resemble the old buildings. Shoppers are in for a ride as well, with many shops - from middle to high end brands.

venetian macau shopppingEvery turn and corner of this huge mall is different. And one is to just continue walking in this big mall to view it all - to which i think many visitors will.

venetian macau gondolaBut of course, those wanting a different experience, one can opt for a ride on the canals through the Venetian gondola where one will glide through the 'mini town' passing by the restaurants, cafes, shops and go under the many bridges... and to top it, with the friendly gondoliers singing as well!

venetian macau food courtAnd just like all other malls, the Venetian shopping center comes with a food court - the Festivita Food Court. But the difference here - first, one eat with a good view of the surrounding buildings. And two, the food court has many different foods of Asia - which is a big plus in Macau/ China.

venetian macau performanceFinally, there's free performances all over the mall. But one is to just know when to catch them (or bump into them). This gives the feel of a big theme park - where these performers are like the 'stars' of the place, with good attention by passerby each time they perform or walk pass by!

However, for a more permanent performance (and which comes with a price that is), there is the also must-watch Zaia Cirque du Soleil. This high end street performance meet circus show is quite amazing, though it wasn't my best Cirque du Soleil performance.

Overall, the experience in the Venetian Macau is quite something... truly an experience that have set a new standard in malls in Asia. Truly, a must visit in Macau... and if I may add, an attraction to go to Macau itself).

*Besides bumping into them on the pathways of the mall, one catch a regular performance of the street performers (called the Streetmospher performers) at:
St. Mark's Square | Monday - Sunday: 2:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.
Near Shop 2709 | Monday - Sunday: 3:30pm and 8:00pm

*The Venetian Macau casino is apparently the largest in the world currently.

*There's actually many more things at the Venetian Macau - including hotel or things for the families, kids and other performances (eg invited star performances). Full details at Venetian Macau.



  1. My Dream place! Not Macau, but Venice! :)

  2. Wow... banyak berjalan bro... Teringin juga satu hari nanti sampai ke sini...

  3. Macau's changed a lot. I prefer the good old Macau...

    Macau's true old Europe, so there's no need to create a fake Europe there.

  4. Is the 'sky' a real one?
    I remember when I went into the Aladdin in Las Vegas, I mistook the ceiling for real sky, LOL...

  5. Wow Qua Chee the Venetian Macau is pretty elegant particulary the ceiling of 1st and 2nd photos. Thanks for this pretty informative post!

  6. The paintings on the ceilings are beautiful! The Venetian gondola reminds me of the smaller scale one in Genting Highlands.

    Beautiful place alrite! : )

  7. I liked the Venetian very much too altho I was there for barely a few hours... also, its slot machines are cheap and pay quite well too...

  8. the 6th pix,seem like taken at Genting Highland...^ ^

  9. All this can be found in Macau! Damn imppresive! ;)


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