Friday, May 29, 2009

Macau Church

Apart from the many World Heritage sites & the many casinos, Macau should also be very known for its many churches... some of which are in fact, listed together under the World Heritage.

These churches do give one an impression of anything but China, or for that matter, Asia. It does feel like in a 'foreign' land!

Here's a list of the churches I saw in Macau, with some interesting information I gathered (which I think will fill the meaning behind these unique structures).

st dominics churchSt. Dominic's Church - it was here that the first Portuguese newspaper was published in China, A Abelha da China (The China Bee).

st dominics church insideThe inside of the church is much more grand with the the tall pillars & arches.

st lawrences churchSt Lawrence's Church - one of the oldest churches in Macau (built in 1560, but this building is from 1846). I love this building for where it is located, not quite surrounded by many buildings around it - making it stand tall, on its own.

st anthonys churchSt. Anthony's Church - another one of Macau's oldest church, which was initially built on bamboo & wood (1560). However, this structure is rather new - 1930, after many reconstructions.

st augustines churchSt. Augustine's Church - the church that maintains the tradition of organising the Easter Procession through the city (I wonder how the already busy & colourful streets of Macau will look during this period). :)

holy house of mercyHoly House Of Mercy - this is not a church, but was built to house social welfare organisations (and which still functions till today).

These churches plus the many other structures of both old & new that I've been seeing in Macau sure got my legs tired. Never have I walked so much on a holiday compared to that 4 days!

But of course, the pictures and memories sure are worth the walk. And, there's a bit more of Macau to come... :)


  1. Wow! So many churches! It does make Macau seem like a foreign land!

  2. Macau is definitely not 100% China in form and substance is it? The foreign influence is so strong :)

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  4. Hi, I also went to Macao in April. Venetien's very nice but I love Senado Square.

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  5. Wow! After reading this post...I don't feel Macau is like a "chinese" place anymore. It's more like in Italy?

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