Friday, May 08, 2009

HK To Macau: Ferry

After a good few days in HK, I thought I'll pop by the next city, Macau.

macau hk ferry scheduleApparently there are a few ferry terminals from HK to Macau. But because I was staying in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) in Kowloon, I headed to purchase my ticket at the China Ferry Terminal, located in Harbor City mall.

Timings were quite regular - nearly every hour. I purchased my return tickets here - which costs slightly less than HKD300 (the Sun ticket return was more expensive at HKD175) - full schedule & pricing.

I managed to get the tickets quite easily, maybe because it's a weekday. Anyway, my purchase was for the following day.

hk macau ferrySo, the following day, I went back to Harbor City and went to board the ferry. It's pretty comfortable, and the ride was quite smooth.

After an hour (bout 60 mins), I arrived the Macau ferry terminal.

macau ferry bus pick upTook my luggage, and straight away headed to the 'bus pick up' area. This is where most major hotels' busses are parked, to ferry passengers back to the hotel.

Arriving in Macau, the atmosphere felt somewhat different - it felt more China, with this strong atmosphere of a growth & development. And though this bus pick up area didn't really give that impression, but the rest of it does... I was in for a ride!

*Another option of going by ferry from HK to Macau is via the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, located in Shun Tak Centre - which is on HK island. Or one can also use the Cotai Strip ferries, which looks kinda impressive too (though this will arrive on the other part of Macau - currently at the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal, and not the Macau Ferry Terminal).

And I also found out later that there is a ferry services from HK International Airport - Macau via Turbojet (schedule), which if I had known earlier, I might just have taken that for my return.

*My return ferry from Macau - HK wasn't smooth, with many passengers getting seasick, including myself. Guess the sea was really rough then.


  1. You know, QC, after reading all your Hkg stuff, I thought you didn't visit Macau afterall. Glad I was wrong. Didn't expect a ferry ticket to cost that much. Btw, I was confused by your quote of HK$300 and 175 or was I reading it wrongly?

    Good info on the various places that ferry ride is available. That's useful. Thanks.

  2. Wow the interior of the ferry looks way nicer than our Penang<->Butterworth ferries. Haha.

  3. Comparing with Malaysia standards, their ferry tickets aren't very cheap. Maybe this is their cost of living.

  4. Nah...I know QC will visit every crooks and corner in HK and of course MACAU! I have been on a ferry too. Not as smooth as QC's one of course. :D

  5. @happysurfer
    sorry writing a bit not clear. HKD175 is fro macau-hk. HKD300 is for both ways :)

    one thing bout china, is everything is new & big.. and surprisingly very clean & good!

    ya, i think china is pricier than malaysia now. hk is of course pricier, but so is china.

    haha u know me well enough! :)


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