Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taipa Museum

taipa museumI was walking through the Taipa Village and didn't really think much of the place - well, it's afterall not that highligthed compared to the other Heritage areas/ sites in Macau.

ButI followed the guidemap anyway, and then arrived on a higher level, overlooking this unique green house... which is the Taipa Museum (also known as Taipa House Museum/ Avenida Da Praia).

taipa museum lakeApart from the house, there is a lake view of the Cotai strip. Honestly, I didn't know what to see here, and was half reluctant to go down. In fact, I saw some tourists also giving this a miss. I guess, like me, they just didn't know what was in store.

taipa museum housesBut I'm glad I did go down instead and see more of these green white houses (there are 5 of them) - cos the place is really quite beautiful... something like a make up theme park, just that this is not. Instead, these are former residences for high ranking Macanese families! (yes, for the rich).

taipa museum porchThe government has taken back these houses, got them restored and made them into a museum.

taipa museum arch And I must say that they really did a good job! Standing there just makes me felt like I was in a foreign country... with its potted plants and flowers blending with the houses unique architectural designs.

I was enjoying the view of the houses from the outside, as I didn't really thought of going in - mentioned before that I'm not really a museum fan. But then, coming all the way already, and with decent museum price (MOP5), I once again 'gave in'.

taipa museum houseAnd once again, I was happy to have made the right decision. For the first house-turned-museum was a showcase of how the rich Macanese people lived - with full luxury, and quite interesting antique furnitures. There were the rather grand dining room, a study area, and even the old style bath tub.

The other house that I found interesting was also the one which gave information about the Macanese people - who apparently are the Portugese-Chinese people. Their cultures are somewhat similar to the Portugese in overseas (eg ehem, Malacca!), who have localised their culture (from language to food), yet still having the foreign influence.

Overall, this was really a unique find. I say this because I think this is actually what makes Macau different from the rest of the China cities - a very strong foreign influence, and to know that Macau has its very own unique culture.

For this, I must thank that it was all because I stayed in this area, Taipa... for hadn't I stayed here, I would most likely have not known about this & the Macanese - which to me is like not knowing Macau! :)


  1. The houses look really gorgeous. I mean the green colour really ticks. makes me feel very...natural. ha :D

  2. Thank goodness you followed you gut! If not, then I wouldn't have the opportunity to see the "greenies"! :D

  3. I've been to macau once only and that also a few hours lingering there before proceeding to zhuhai.. following guided tours are not as detailed as those going for free and easy on their own..
    anyway, looking at yr pics is good enough too.. haha... at least now i know macau more...

  4. What an interesting place! I like the green coloured buildings. Lucky you follow your instincts! : )

  5. Very nice and neat houses and surroundings. The houses are reminiscent of our own colonial buildings, some of which are still around in KL but sadly most have given way to highrise buildings, esp those along Jalan Ampang.

    Those are very nice shots, QC. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  6. The 1st pic - the museum looks like a toy house :D


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