Friday, May 08, 2009

Must Visit Hotels: Macau

A big playground with full of lights - that is Macau/ Macao, especially come evening/ night. And that is the best time to visit the hotels/ casinos there. Here are the few I managed to visit, and be impressed with.

grand lisboa macaoI think of all casinos/ hotels, the Grand Lisboa is the most interesting & 'really must see' casino. This is situated in the older casino strip, right in the heart of the city.

grand lisboa macauThis somewhat 'weird' structure, was created with one intention - to last and not fade with time. And it does well with that, gleaming all over come evening with its full lights display.

grand lisboaI find the display of lights quite spectacular and very unique - it keeps changing in colours and designs, with lots of casino designs from jackpots to the aces.

wynn macau fountain showNot to be outdone, Wynn Macau has a musical fountain display outside its hotel (from 11am - 12am, every 15 minutes). This is a free musical show, where the fountain is synchronized with the lively & upbeat music.

wynn hotel dragon showThat's not all - there's another 'show' in the hotel, where a golden dragon 'awakes' from a sphere with lots of smoke surrounding it. Though a rather short show, but I could sense the audience all glued to the star of the moment - that golden dragon. Some even threw coins to it - for good luck I'm sure.

grand emperor macauAnother 'must visit' hotel, which is popular with tourists is the Grand Emperor Hotel. The exterior of the hotel looks somewhat plain except for the big crown sign on the top.

grand emperor horse cartHowever, this is the hotel known for its changing of its guards clad in the 'traditional' English guard attire. I missed that though. However, I managed to capture the golden horse cart in front of the hotel. This simply reminds me of Disneyland!

sands macaoAnd finally another popular casino/ hotel one should visit is the Sands, with its ever changing lights on its top... Well apart from its lights, visit this for it's apparently the largest casino in Macau.

There are actually more hotels (& casinos) in Macau to see - especially with the very new ones at the Cotai Strip. And one of them, the Venetian is up next! :)


  1. Wow, very nice photos (and the place, of course)!

  2. Wow, the hotels themselves are quite a sight to behold!

  3. yes, quachee. i made it a point every year to visit macau and have gatherings there with my friends from different locations. have been there for since 5 years ago till now, and indeed Macau has changed and developed so much. Every year whenever I visit, I always found new hotels and new structures being developed.

  4. Great sharing, QC. Thanks. Macau is indeed more colourful and attractive these days.

    And Ken, you have been going there the past five years?! Awesome! What a way to reunite with friends.

  5. Wow... banyak berjalan bro...
    Best lah dapat round dunia ? How about the Men's Health?

    Bro... Suka tengok gambar2 you... but please, jgn letak sign tu tengah-tengah. Letak tepi kah... supaya kita boleh share dan menikmati apa karya kamu. Thanks bro...

  6. They don't look like hotels to me. More like a circus. LOL :D It's like a fun fair ler. Anyway enjoy your visits. :D

  7. QC, I believe I left a comment here earlier after Kenwooi's comment. Is it being censored? I apologise if I said something not right.

  8. @happysurfer
    sorry mislooked to approve that comment :)

  9. @day-dreamer/ jl
    yes, the place is really cool. very nice esp in the evenings when the lights are up :)

    yes, a big playground & circus. that is macau! :)

    wow, every year. i agree with happysurfer - so cool!

    thanks for comment :) for the watermark, hmm, let me see how i can adjust it ya. but i still think a bit of watermark is needed hehe :)

  10. Hi there

    Am planning to go to Macau in September this year. Stumbled upon your blog, how perfect is that :)

    Any recommendations on budget place to stay in Macau and HK?


  11. macau look brilliant...building in pix 3 look like the esplanade dome in sg...^ ^

  12. so nice. Macau trip! There place still very crowded? got try any luck at Casino there?

  13. Oh superb place for a night owl like me! I like all these beautiful hotels! : )


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