Friday, June 05, 2009

Good Macau Food

Here's some 'must try' Macau food... some so-so, though many are really good Macau food!

1. Macau egg tart

macau egg tart
The egg tart is most likely synonym to Macau. Everyone has been telling me to go try the egg tarts right from the start when I mentioned that I was going to Macau! So, that was my very first meal indeed!

cefe yong kei macauThough egg tarts aren't my favourites, and I'm not sure if this is the best in town... but what I like is the setting of the old style like cafe where I ate it - Cafe Yong Kei at the old area of Taipa (btw, the name sounds so close to the restaurant in HK!).

2. Honey drink & Chicken Bun

honey drink macauOne of the more authentic drinks - the honey drink, which I had at San Hou Lei Restaurant - in Taipa too.

chicken burger macauThey served the chicken burger/ bun as well, something Macau is also famous for apart from its tarts... though I wasn't really a big fan.

3. Beancurd

macau beancurdJust head to the lanes near the Senado Square and one can find many beancurd stalls. Most of them are pretty good in quality (very smooth). Though I think the ones a lil further a bit are cheaper.

4. BBQ Pork
bbq porkThe BBQ pork (bak kwa) is simply everywhere as well, with many stalls along the lane opposite the Senado Square selling them.

5. Almond Biscuit/ Almond Cookie

almond biscuit macauAlong with the bbq pork, most sellers also sell the almond biscuits. I must say, they are quite nice indeed! (btw, these are suitable as gifts as they come nicely packed).

6. Peanut Biscuit

macau biscuit stallAnother must try local biscuit - the peanut biscuit. Like most of the biscuits stalls, the guy does the biscuits fresh on the spot. (this is also at the same lane).

7. Pancake

pancakeThis is not the best pancakes in the world. But with the stall's strategic location (right in the heart of Senado Square), and above-average taste, this pancakes make a good snack.

8. Mango Fruit Drink

mango fruit drinkAlso at the lanes near the Senado Square is this stall (there's 2 actually) that sells this unique mango fruit drink. It was delicious and very refreshing, especially compared to the more common drinks around.

9. Steam Food/ Beef Offal

beef offalApart from beef offal, these stalls also offer other type of food, which one picks in a basket. It is then cooked on the spot, and served in a plastic cup.

wing kee beef offal macauTrust me, it's yummy - just see the crowd! (I noticed this while I was having my afternoon snack... the queue never ends!).

10. Mecanese food

mecanese restaurantAfter I found out about the Mecanese culture, I then went hunting for Mecanese food. This was a higher end restaurant - O Portor Interior. With recommendations, I tried the Serradura (Cream & Biscuits Portugese Style), Cardo Verde (Portugese Green Soup) and Lulas Recheadas a Saloia (Stuffed Squid Saloia Style). However, the food wasn't that great despite the hefty price (in total of about MOP160+).

Instead, for a better deal of Mecanese food, I'd go with the African chicken served at the hotel I stayed - Grandview Hotel Macau. Now, that is one dish I'd recommend - for first, it's delicious and secondly, it's really unique!

And talking bout hotels, that's up next! (the finale of my Macau trip!)


  1. What comes to mind are the Portuegese egg tarts. Are they good? I can't remember much from my last visit to Macau. The ones I tasted in Portugal are really nice..unlike the ones we here in M'sia.

  2. i had bird nest egg tart there... very nice =p would like to go back macau again just for the tart!!

  3. I'll take note of all these food for my future trip to Macau. Thanks for this post! : )

  4. OMG I would like to try everything that's listed in this post!! *drooling*

  5. Gosh! You are making me hungry. Over here, I like the Portugese tarts found at Baker's Cottage and they are sold out pretty fast too.

  6. Hi Quachee, have u submitted ur photo for the contest? :D The deadline is on 11 June this Thurs. :) Thanks!

  7. Woohooo..lots of food you intoduced here. :D How come Macau is associated with egg tarts?


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