Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sharing More Secret & The Violin

I'm continuing on with a bit more of The Secret. Was speaking to a friend about how powerful this franchise is - but low & behold, I was surprised to hear so much angst & criticism to one DVD/ book that to me has helped the world by and large.

There is no base. It's like a cult. It draws on fantasy. You mean - just believe? That's nonsense! These were the words I heard.

It was no point arguing. Though I would have loved to get my point across as much, but honestly, it didn't really matter. What matter is the others who benefited reading the book/ watching the DVD. I know it did for me.

Some examples:
1. Getting the income I want the past 2 years.
2. Getting the dream car I wanted (I actually visioned myself driving it, just like the Secret says).
3. Getting the dream job of combining business & holiday.
4. Getting the grades I wanted in school (this was before I read the Secret, but I realised I've actually applied some of the principles here).
5. Getting featured in Men's Health adverts.
6. Working with the travel & tourism related business - combining passion, hobby & business.
7. Interviewing the biggest names in the entertainment industry (for the 50+1 Malaysia book).

There are quite a few more - though these are my more prominent ones where I truly believed and applied the principles of the Law Of Attraction. And now that I'm back on track with this in mind, I am just going to raise the bar.

Again, I know it's going to sound weird to some. But who believed men could go to the moon anyway? That to me was such a big fantasy come true. More examples: the telephone (and then handphones), the computer, the internet, bullet trains, planes... weren't all these just a fantasy to the creator once?

I can just go on.... but let's not. Let's get inspired. And I'm signing off with one beautiful advert that inspire me much. Here's it to you:

May you be inspired by it too.

*For those who want a clearer picture with more fundamentals, I suggest reading the book... and of course, just have an open mind :)


  1. Wow! You have achieved so many already? Unbelieveable. The Secret has truly been revealed huh. But all in all it's about the individual's conviction.:D

    And you Quachee...is full of it!

  2. The mind is a wonderful and powerful thing. Congrats on all those achievements and more to come, QC. Thanks for sharing the video. It choked me up.

  3. You have achieved much in a short time. Keep up the tempo. You have a doggedness in spirit which will keep u going when others start to falter. ( might not b entirely true as I make this assumption based on the mental image i get from yr rantings :) )

  4. @tekkaus
    thank u! i agree with you, its still up to one on what one wants to achieve :)

    the video is powerful ya? it just inspires me anytime of the day :)

    battered and bruised... but keeping the hopes & dreams alive! yes, that's me. haha.

    one thing i learnt - we need to acknowledge our achievements ... not to be big headed but just acknowledge them, giving ourselves a pat on the back... knowing that we are capable of more to come!

    im sure u r doing well too - esp on how a good dad u r becoming :)

  5. Wow! This is a Pantene ad? Quite a long ad but really inspiring - just suits their tagline - you can shine.

    Btw, I have always liked that 'Canon in D' piece : )

  6. From the perspective of the Secret, whenever someones rubbishes the principles of the science in their mind, it becomes reality for them. Let's leave the dead to bury their own dead and go achieve even greater things in life. ;)

  7. One more, I really love reading your success stories. The saying "learn from our mistakes" is not really correct, it should be "learn from our success"! XD

  8. I really love that ad.

    I teared when she went on stage to play the violin until the pantene tagline came out...


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