Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tribute To Michael Jackson

One of most shocking news since the early death of Princess Diana about a decade ago. This time, its the King Of Pop - Michael Jackson.

Initially in the morning, I saw a friend posted a message on Facebook "Thank you, Michael, for the great music all these years". I found it a lil strange, as I didn't know the news at that time yet.

Cos for recent years, any affiliation to the King might have seemed weird. Though there were loyal fans, however, some fans who grew up with Michael were seem abandoning him in some ways - after all the many 'antics' had in the past decade or so, being coined the term Wacko Jacko.

You could say, his star wasn't that bright as it used to - to many, it could be because of the things the star does (like wearing masks, the constant talk bout his nose, 'dangling' his baby in the hotel and more). But to some, it's the negative publicity from the media that brought him down. This is of course echoed by Michael himself - and one of his songs just say it: Scream, a duet with Janet Jackson.

Of course, weird news release from Michael's part like 'living in oxygen tank' to promote his movie ET didn't help much.

But whatever it is - the fact remains, and that is: Michael has touched many lives through his music (and then charities), and truly is a global phenomenan. He (with his record company and PR) brought fresh catchy tunes and music videos - most notably, Thriller. These were gambles in some way, and Michael took it upon him - and it paid off, handsomely. Thriller is still the best selling record of all time - and this record is held by no other artiset, but Michael himself.

Nothing ever came close to that magical sales of Thriller for Michael, though his other albums has also sold millions of records - like Bad and Dangerous, History and even his last Invincible. But because of such high benchmark prior, nothing seems good enough thereafter... though there were still many good singles, hits and concerts. And his music videos continue to entertain, including the 'controversial' Black Or White.

This song must be close to Michael - who has been bugged by the media and whose mystery goes unknown (Michael claims to have vitiligo universalis but the media keeps playing his wanting to be white/ fair).

This and all the other negative stories we keep reading in the press, just makes Michael look bad. There has been reports over time that Michael wanted to 'revive' his career, though many times they were just reports. Of course, there were still some performances by Michael - one of the last acclaimed ones, with Britney Spears.

However it was the latest 'comeback' that looked most promising - his scheduled This Is It Tour in London.

But alas, that tour will not materialise too. And a comeback is never in place. His final shocking news to the world - his sudden death.

As a fan who grew up listening to his music and watching his eye grabbing music videos, I feel sad that Michael never really got the full media attention since the 1990s that he deserves. And for a star wanting to make a comeback - that to me is something to admire. I wonder what went into his mind wanting to make this comeback... for it was a tall order.

Things has to be great (it can't be good with Michael). Some say, its for personal finances. But I think, it could also be the wanting to get back into the limelight, to hit the good books - for his children to see his dad perform, his fans, and the media. To say, that this 50 year old is not too old for music and is still current.

Maybe for all these, he pushed himself beyond his boundaries? It would be sad if it was so (though other factors of death is now considered - overdose?). Whatever the reason it may be, one more black day in history remains... but like Elvis Presley whose music continues, Michael's legend will also continue in his music.

We sure are not alone, for Michael's music lives on. Yes, you will be there.

*Post a message, to the family of Jackson: Jackson Legacy.


  1. I first heard about Michael Jackson's death on radio while driving to work on Friday morning. The DJ said "...the late Michael Jackson..." and I was like, what?! He's dead?

    And then later in the morning, it started to rain. How sad!

    Some of the callers who called the radio station were crying. It was pretty emotional.

    I think no one will ever replace Micheal Jackson. He's a legend and he will be remembered always.

    I particularly like his song "Heal The World" It's so inspiring and listening to that song now makes me want to cry.

  2. I heard about it from my wife. Which I didn't believe at all initially. because I thought is this another hoax? But then I checked on the internet and our KIng of Pop is really goe! =(

    Yeah! He is irreplaceable. No one can take his place. And certainly no one can break his record album sold too.

    Foong, I love heal the world too! :D

  3. my dad is a huge fan of MJ. he didnt go to work just to c the live telecast of MJ funeral


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