Sunday, December 21, 2008

One In A Billion

Yes, I'm now one in a billion - not that I'm joining any singing competition (like the One In A Million), but cos I'm now in the Land Of Awaken Dragon - China. More specifically, the buzzing city of Shanghai!

shanghai, billion
I've been looking forward to this trip, booked way in advance... and finally, I'm here!

So, Why This Period?
I know it seems weird, as in fact, I'm already into a new project, and in a way am quite busy.

But firstly, I thought it's a good time to take a break when most people are anyway - which makes it a lil tough for business (well not as efficient a period).

And secondly, it's a good time to relax and reflect the year that was, and to have resolutions to the year that is coming. The next year's and future growth of my company is really something I've been having thoughts recently, and I think it will be a good time to look into now.

And of course, a travel bug needs the constant travel! Last I did was 4 months back - and that to me was long!

And why China?
Well mainly because the weather now is cold (which I really want to experience again), and for me to soak into this whole China & all things Chinese atmosphere.

And I think I will - as I'll be here in Shanghai & its surrounding for a good 2 weeks or so. That's one of my longest trips!

Hopefully this will help me understand China a bit better so that we can come in here for business in the near future.

Still Blogging From China
I'll still find time to blog in between. Which I will bring through my thoughts for the year and what's coming up for the future. :)

*I may not blog my China trips much while I'm here, but if you are interested to keep updated, add me via Facebook or Twitter - with my same nic: quachee :)


  1. nice!
    so you'll be celebrating xmas there i suppose?

  2. I heard Shanghai is quite a good place to go, more advanced than Beijing before the Olympic. I have few friends there. But I think the food is bit expensive right?

  3. I been to Shanghai for business trip twice ... errrr... not really like Shanghai due to too crowded especially PuXi.

    Dude, enjoy yourself in Shanghai eh! :p

  4. have fun in Shanghai :) must try the ramen :)

  5. cool. i hope more pictures about china in the next post :)

    what is this project about anyway?

  6. @adila
    sorry the late reply haha. yup i celebrated xmas here - well not really celebrated lah cos its not as huge as back in spore or even malaysia :)

    yes, food in shanghai is expensive. in fact i find the food in the cities im visiting all quite expensive! its actually cheaper back home! :)

    haha. ya the whole china cities are always so crowded. even their so called smaller cities like hangzhou and others. its still bigger than our capital :)

    ramen? hmm, i know the fried noodles. is that the one? or is this soup?

    thanks - more coming up. the project, im working on a webisode (online productions) - stressful! :)

  7. Hey Quachee, i am not tech savvy. I wanted to add u on facebook but not quite sure how..failed. my nick is mylongkang. :)

    Happy new year to u. Looking forward to more of the China trip pics

  8. @bengbeng
    have added you. thanks for finding me on fb :)


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