Wednesday, May 05, 2010

So, You MSN Huh? Me Too!

Remember the cute Oh-Oh sound of the onilne chat - ICQ? Back then, I was in uni - and the oh-ohs were so apparent at nearly every domitory. Yes, ICQ with its green-yellow flower were the in thing then..

Then while in uni, another wave of online chat came about.. with another unique sound of ting-ting-ting. Yeah, the MSN slowly but surely sort of killed ICQ.

I was on both back then.. and in fact, I still MSN till sometime back in 2008. But work took its toll. I was online very much, mainly for work.. and found the online chit chat somewhat a bother..

There will be times like one will say something.. and when I don't reply in time, then comes the
Hello, are u there?

I couldn't help it. I was on other tasks.

Yeah, so why not go on Busy mode then huh? Yeah, I did. And I was always on Busy mode.. or Invinsible mode that it made not much point to even on the MSN. And that's where it sort of died.

But of late, I've been getting requests from friends to chat online. And my answer remained:
"I know it sounds ulu, but ya, I don't MSN one.."

And I get the same old response too:
"Huh?", which comes after a 2-3 second blank stare. Some even commented I come from zaman batu (stone age).

"Yes, the Flinstones are my neighbours!". Haha!

But after some poll on Facebook, and asking other friends around, I thought that hey, it might be time to go back to MSN. Not that I'm any free-er now, but since I do spend more time online now beyond work purposes, yeah, so why not?

So, 2 nights ago, MSN is now back on my computer (yeah, the latest version okay...!). So friends, if u want to chat with me, let me know.. and I'll add u. Yeah, let the chit chat sessions come back! :)

*Some of you will remember my rather 'famous' MSN chat with errr... Siti!


  1. oh ohhh welcome to the modern chatting room :)

  2. haha fufu! btw can i bring my kereta roda batu along? :)

  3. Honestly I prefer to chat in FB. Hmm...maybe because MSN is a hassle? :p

  4. Haha, welcome couz!! Well, even I'm busy at work so I just leave the busy mode on. I don't reply all msges, too busy!! Hahaha~I miss the ICQ sound ;p


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