Monday, September 07, 2009

Yes, It's Tomorrow!

big bibik little nyonyaFinally the countdown from 10 to 1 has arrived... this Nyonya cookshow will finally premier - tomorrow, 08.09.09! Let the drum rolls begin.... haha :)


  1. QC, I haven't read anything about this in the local papers. Pray tell what is this supposed to be?

  2. hi happysurfer
    ya, its not out in the local press yet. basically, its an online webisode (web episode) about a nyonya cookshow but with a story.

    it premiers on - everything is purely online.. but yes, ull see it in the press soon :)

    *sorry not had the time to reply yr other comments so far - lil tied up with this big bibik & another project :)

  3. QC, thank you for the update. Congratulations on this project.


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