Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kuching Fisherman Kampung

I am fortunate to meet a local Sarawkian, who does part time travel tour. He agreed to bring me to the Sarawak Cultural Village, near Mt Santubong... Along the way, he stopped at some kampung along the way.

kuching kampung fisherman boatThe first kampung we stopped is this fishing village - Kampung Pasir Pandak.

kuching fisherman kampung fishActually just as we entered this village, we could know that it is a fishing village.... with the people separating the fish from the net.

kuching dry fishThere were more fishing activities around the village - like these fishes which are being dried under the sun.

kuching fisherman kampungThe trees by the sea.

kuching fisherman kampung fishermanWhat an interesting way to carry the catch of the day.

kuching kampung boy3 school kids passed by, and were so ready for the camera! It's been a long while since I've seen such care-free & friendliness!

Walking further down, I noticed a group of fishermen... all lined up by the river.

kuching fisherman kampung"Where are you from?" the pakcik (uncle) asked. He then talked to me about his work, which is a part time for him - as he is now retired. This is a family business, to pass time - says this uncle who used to work with a local MNC.

He together with the makciks (aunties) were such a friendly bunch - and that is the people of Kuching... always so friendly & nice!

kuching kampung fisherman puffer fishAnd before leaving, he showed me his interesting catch - again, the puffer fish!

Then, it was time to head off to the next destination... passing by some good rural views. And that's next up!


  1. There's something about fishing villages that warms my heart. Love the first photo and the one of a man carrying the day's catch.

    I am seriously considering a trip to Kuching thanks to your series.

  2. Seems like there are a lot of puffer fish in Malaysian water.

    Last time when I was in Kuala Gula, Perak, the fisherman also showed me a puffer fish.

  3. The village is just as interesting as the city. No, I thought it was somewhat more interesting lol.

  4. I really think kampong people are usually more friendly than city people! You also notice kampong people have longer life span as they have less stress and the air they breathe is cleaner : )

  5. The 3 kids were really playful huh! Ar..the puffer fish! =)I used to toy around with it.


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