Sunday, March 08, 2009

Good KK Food!

Apart from the super delicious sotong (squid) at the KK waterfront market, I also tried a fair share of other good KK food.

kk food kolo meeI noticed that there are really a lot of eateries selling kolo mee.

kk food kolo meeThe kolo mee comes with a good serving of roasted pork.

kk food duck noodlesAlso on noodles, I tried this super delicious duck noodles - the best duck noodles I've ever had! It was so good that I had it twice - once with dry noodles, the other time with soup (I prefer the dry one btw).

It maybe a lil pricey (RM8), but that's because of its generous serving portion. (Location: Jalan Laiman Diki).

kk food seafoodAlso at Jalan Laiman Diki is this huge seafood centre, which looks a bit like a hawker's centre. Only difference - the stalls sell many varieties of fresh seafood and is open only for dinner.

kk food lobsterLike I said, everything in KK is huge - just look at the lobster, held by the servers.

kk food lobsterIt was delicious no doubt, though the prices here are comparable to back in West Malaysia and even Singapore.

kk food kopitiamNot too far off - is this kopitiam at the Asia City Mall. It caught my attention because of its morning crowd.

I have always been awed by modern coffee shops, and wanted to see this local brand too.

kk food kopitiam pulutApart from the local brew of kopi (coffee) & teh tarik (tea), they also sell ready packed food like the pulut, nasi lemak & sambal meehoon, all wrapped up nicely. I didn't try this much except for the pulut as it was just too much to eat (think I just had my breakfast then).

Now here comes some of the other tasty & recommended KK food (apart from the super yummy duck noodles above):

kk food kerepek pisangThis kerepek pisang (banana chips) is like the usual kerepek pisang - crunchy... but yet not salty... and like other chips, once eaten one, one just can't stop!

Got this on the petrol station on the way to Beufort. Truly, the best kerepek pisang I've eaten so far!

kk food pineapple bunThis unique pineapple bun, bought at one of the shops at Jalan Gaya. First time eating this, and was really good... especially as the buns served were just out from the oven with the pineapple paste all fresh & warm.

kk food 3 layer teaThe three layered tea, served with gula melaka (brown sugar).

kk food coconutAnd what is Sabah without having the coconut... which seems to be in abundance. Sipping the coconut adds to the holiday feel by the sea!

kk food coconutAfter drinking the juice, the seller will cut open the coconut. At first I thought it was meant for recycling... till I saw others eating the flesh from it. How smart! (wonder why we just don't do it back home?)

The coconut seems to be everywhere.. but I like drinking at the row of coconut sellers selling at the KK waterfront market area (available throughout the day).

kk food ais kacangNow, the final food I'd like to introduce is the ais batu campur (ABC or sometimes known as ais kacang). The food wasn't that fantastic (maybe it's the stall I ate from). However, the view makes up for it.

This was taken at the Jessleton Point, where there were a row of eateries just by the sea. I had this just after the trip back from Manukan Island - and in time for the beautiful sunset!

All in all, although some may say that KK/ Sabah's food is similar to that of West Malaysia or even in Sarawak, but I find them somewhat different... and yummy!

Honestly, I don't mind coming back for more! Haha! :)

*Next up: the final KK post!


  1. Nice array of food you tried. For that much duck meat, RM8 is not bad lah.

    As for the coconut drink, over here, we eat the coconut flesh together with drinking the water. We are normally provided with a long spoon to scrape out the flesh. I love this drink. These days, some places serve smoked coconut from Thailand and the drink is really tasty.

    That coffeeshop atmosphere is a real pleasing sight, eh? Lovely, so warm.

    Thanks, QC, for sharing these.

    p.s. I didn't think much of the kolo mee. I prefer our wantan mee. To each his own, I suppose.

  2. the 3-layer iced tea is definitely promising, have not tasted tea with gula melaka before though.. and not least, that ABC with that fantastic view, that is just heaven!! :)

  3. The kolo mee looks a bit different from the one in Kuching. KK is a good place to hunt for good sea food.

  4. Thanks for the pic share, they're really a window to KK for me.

  5. Yummy kolo mee and duck noodles! I want! The kerepek pisang (is it also called keropok?) looks good and I'm sure it's addictive!

    Tea served with gula melaka? I haven't tried that before, but I think I'll love it cos I am fan of gula melaka. Must have it in my tang yuan too!

    The coconut is another of my favourite. But I always eat the inside flesh after drinking it. How come you don't? Not sure about Melaka or Singapore, but over here in PJ/KL, we are given spoons to dig out those flesh. Love it! : )

  6. Gosh the duck portion was really HUGE! Almost a quarter of a duck already and for RM8, it's a steal! :) Went to KK about 9 years *gasp!* ago for Mount Kinabalu. Also went to Manukan Island too! Did you know manukan means Chicken in some Sabahan dialect? :P My Sabahan friend told me last time. LOL

  7. That day Borneo Falcon told me that the Original KK kolo mee and Singapore Kolo mee are different.
    They do not put chili sause in the original Kolo mee.
    But the roasted duck and the Lobster make me drool....

  8. much was that lobster? i think i wanna go KK after reading yr post.. the hotel u posted above was ok ma.. for 65rm.. reasonable.. free transport from airport and free wifi too! that is a great bargain.. if 2 sharing, then it is very worth it.. will check out more details from yr blog when i wanna go..

  9. I miss the Fish Noodle at Jalan Gaya very much!
    I had it double during my last visit. But the lobsters photos make my mouth watery......haha!

  10. Whoa! It's spacious and comfy. The price is reasonable...!!!

    So, I can get discount if I mention your name and tell them that you've promoted them in your blog? LOL.

  11. i absolutely love the kolo mee and 3 layered tea...hoping to have a chance to try it again...


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