Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jesselton Point

Jesselton PointBold
The first holiday destination I headed to is actually in East Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It's my first time here and it was a wonderful experience...!

Anyway when I arrived, I wasted no time in heading straight for my agenda - of visiting the nearby islands.

jesselton point, entranceAfter checking in, I immediately headed to Jesselton Point, which is the ferry terminal to the islands around/ nearby Kota Kinabalu (the islands are within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park).

The Jesselton Point ferry terminal is in the heart of KK, and within a short walking distance from my hotel.

jesselton point, ticket counterUpon arriving, there is a row of ticketing agents offering ferry rides to Gaya Island , Manukan Island , Mamutik Island , Sapi Island and Sulug Island, which all are within a short 20 mins ride or so from the ferry terminal.

I had initally wanted to choose 2 islands (island hopping), but as time was limited, I only chose the one recommended - Manukan Island (apparently the best).

jesselton point waiting areaAfter purchasing the tickets, I waited with the other passengers till the agent called us. It was only a short time to wait before we were called - and was I getting excited!

jesselton point jettyI got more excited walking on the platform going to the ferry terminal, see the blue sea in front... plus with the good weather with clear blue skies! (what a day to start off KK!).

jesselton point manukan island boatrideAnd soon, me and the other passengers were on the boat & on the way to the beautiful Manukan island! And that's up next! (be warned: it might just blow you!) :)

*The boat ride is RM17 + RM6 for the ferry services.

*The boat rides seem quite frequent throughout the day, though the last time to come back from the islands is at 5pm (unless staying overnight).

*One has the option to rent the snorkeling gear while in the boat at RM10/ each.

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  1. hey, you coulda look me up while you were in town! :)

  2. hi Quachee..great to be travelling again..wow.. so nice.. how i wish i could go travelling too.. i havent been to sabah.. only sarawak.. so how was the islands? post more pics... thanks

  3. Funny... why hasn't Jesselton Point be renamed Kota Kinabalu Point?

  4. Nice! Very nice. Looking forward to more updates. I like the top second and last second pictures. They look just like from a travel guide. Lovely.

  5. nice travel blog you got there..thanks for sharing your experience =)

  6. QC, are you still in E Malaysia? Never mind, take your time with this fun and easy tag.

  7. Wah so KK is so cool, ferry rides to so many islands, fun la. :D

  8. Guess what? I'm going KK in April. So your blog again serves as my guide! So timely! Haha!

  9. I am glad you enjoy Manukan Island, nice and fun. I'be visiting the Manukan, Sapi and Mamutik Islands soon when I go back to KK.

  10. Hi.Do you know the name of the artist on the ferry jetty, please?
    He paints on canvas and fibreglass.
    I bought a lovely canvas from him.


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