Friday, February 13, 2009

Inspiring Slumdog Millionaire

It's been a long time since I've really watched movies (especially for a movie buff like me). Time has in a way taken this luxury.

And what's more - been really quite a while since I've watched an inspiring movie that keeps in my mind days and weeks after I've watched it.

Then comes this wonder movie - Slumdog Millionaire.

Honestly I didn't thought much of the movie at first, thinking it's just another love story, and an English/ Holllywood take on things Asian... which so far in a lot of times, get Asians not agreeing or 'not getting it'.

Well, actually I'm not wrong - the people in India are not so happy about it for this movie seems to show a poor side of emerging India.

But what I think I didn't know (and those who most likely haven't watched it) is that this movie is way beyond that. It's an inspiring love story of a poor street boy (from the slumps), Jamal, falling in love with another street child, Latika.

It is his strong love for her that he goes all out to find her, despite them already growing up and losing each other many times in between (sometimes, I wonder if this just in the movies).

Anyway, this is where fairytale of movies happen - he joins the competition, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. And through every question, it brings him back to how his life & falling in love with the girl began.... and in it, we the viewers get to see the glimpse of the slumps in Mumbai.

Actually, despite the outcry of many from India on the rather negative perception of the slumps but to me, that's just as to give more depth to the show. And besides, the view of beautiful Taj Mahal and even the 'colourful' streets of Mumbai tempt me to visit Incredible India!

And it just don't ends there. There's more reasons I find this movie inspiring - so much so that it's in my top 10 (make it top 3) best movie I watched so far:

This movie is itself is a tale of 'rags-to-riches'!
To the director (Danny Boyle) - Slumpdog Millionaire is like a semi indie movie (ie not the super big budget ones)... yet for it to make way to win so many awards (Best Movie - Golden Globe, British BAFTA Movie Award and even in the running for the Oscars) is so inspiring. ... I believe many other filmmakers round the world will be inspired to do great movies now, despite the smaller budget.

Foreign Perspective On A Global Theme & A 'Local' Background
I've always believed that universal ideas go far (in this case - of hope & love). However, rather than the more common 'universal' backgrounds of USA (or USA look alike), this movie uses Mumbai/ India.... giving the movie more depth. Mumbai suits the movie well - and the movie suits Mumbai!. Btw, it has really put light on India (and I believe positively!)

Not So Known Cast... Yet Film Goes Big
Have you heard of Dev Patel & Freida Pinto before? Yet, the Slumdog Millionaire is doing well because of these 'new' faces who suite their roles well, playing the innocent yet determined hero & heroine... and now turning becoming stars themselves.

Inspiring Music/ Soundtrack

Hollywood may not have heard much of A R Rahman, but this is the music face of Bollywood... and his touch, just like to his many other hits is simply mesmerising... blending so well with the movie!

The dreamy song of hopes & dreams: Dream On Fire - how aptly titled!

So, if you hardly watch movies, don't bother bout the other big bang-wang shows... but put your money into this for this movie will most likely touch you for a long long time.


  1. Same, when I was first introduced to this movie, I turn it down. The cover and the title didn't attract me & I thought it was just another one of those Bollywood-dancing-singing shows.

    When the India critics start banging at this movie, then only I read the movie previews. I didn't see the trailer yet too. Just a couple of days ago, I read the parent of 2 "kalafeeh" child actors in this movie, starting complaining and threatening the director of low wages, empty promises even though the children received their agreed-salary, and was put into a long-term planning that would benefit them education wise by the director.

    India slams back saying "slum dogs" bla bla this that. Hey isn't it true? what are they ashamed of? India is no multi millionaire country and from what I heard its poverty stricken. This movie gives hope, love & light to the poor and it shouldn't be disguised. Though i have yet to see the movie, I'm already putting hope on India.

    Good review, Kuaci!

  2. i plan to watch this movie either tonite or tomorrow. have you watch Benjamin Button, bro?

  3. Hi Quachee,

    Thanks for introducing this movie to more of your blog fans. I have watched this during CNY holidays instead of any other released Chinese movies, and I have not regretted it. The number of awards obtained by this movie, already has shown to the whole world that this is one of the movie that is able to deliver the message to the people. I just did a similar posting introducing my flickr fans to this movie yesterday too. Great work Quachee.

  4. Garnering ten Oscar nominations is no small feat. Thanks for the review, QC.

  5. Haven't watched this yet, but it looks promising. I like it when they film a love story with beautiful scenes in the background like the Taj Mahal or the countryside in India. So India is your next destination? : )

  6. hello quachee, thanks for putting up this slumdog millionaire..the other day my fren was just telling me about it and i was blur at least i know what this movie is all about.. with yr rating, i will definitely go watch this show.. dvd or cinema..
    oh btw, quachee, i was checking my PR and for yr information, u hv a PR4 ...very good la..

  7. i just watched it yesterday
    personally, it's not up to it's name
    i thought it would be "something"
    it's just the same hindustan movie; except no dancing in between haha

    why i think it's so-so?
    1. it makes me feel like i'd never want to go to india. EVER
    -- there was a petition in my uni a few weeks ago; where it's for stop killing muslims in india

    shouldn't movies make u feel like going there?
    isn't that the main thing about movies? promoting places?

    and oh.. it tells me NOT to get caught in india as they wont treat u good even when u'r NOT GUILTY (the part where jamal was released; how the police woke him up? simbah air je! like wth la kan~)

    2. the storyline is not that amazing. why? latika, she's just a "friend". nothing in the movie really tells that there's something big between jamal and her. i see their relationship when they were a kid as just "friend" that by chance had the same horrible experience; ie losing their parents

    3. it does not really make sense.
    jamal and his bro, salim went out from mumbai. had a better life (sort of right?). then.. why should they go back to mumbai?
    because of a girl??!!!
    the storyline before this tells us that.. life is tough! fight for ur own life!
    but now, throw away ur own comfy life because of a girl? like.. duhhh~ that's so fairy tales!

    4. jamal was mad at his bro for taking latika away from him and when he found salim again, he just tumbuk once and that's it? AND he then live with him??!! pfftttt.. so forgiving of him eyh? heh!

    5. last part, finally salim let latika out and said something like asking latika to forgive him. is that some kind of.. salim kembali ke pangkal jalan? like.. SUDDENLY???!!

    6. salim should be the main actor, not jamal. why? because jamal is the sissy one in this, as if life is that easy to live. salim, on the other hand, takes whatever it means to keep on living. killing? yes. work for bad people so cover ur own ass? yes.
    jamal had everything easy! and jamal gets all the credit! salim? no one cares

    so in short, this is just a typical movie
    nothing great in it
    it's way to overrated
    that's what i think of it haha

  8. @miu
    thanks. its one inspiring movie, which i really loved reviewing!

    and i agree with you. a country has many faces. thats not all to incredible india! :)

    @rw fine art
    not yet. planning to go - did u catch it? i heard mixed reviews on that.

    yup, saw yr posting on it. pretty cool!

    and they won! hoooray! never have i been more happy for a movie to win best picture! :)

    not the next, but one of the next hehe. many friends have said india is astounding! i think its true! :)

    have u watched it yet? now that it won best pic, more reasons to watch it hehe :)

    pr4 - really? haha. actually, ive not really cared on the pr for a long time haha. but thanks for info :)

    i think u have yr opinions on this. and i respect them.

    but if i can add, a movie is not reality. its just fantasy. otherwise, usa is the most dangerous place on earth to go - so many jail inmates escapes, trucks turnovers in the action shows, guns everywhere, lack of security, the police there really not good at solving problems, etc.

    but we dont think usa is that ya despite its movies a lot being like that? :)

    its just my opinion anyway :)

    ps: singapore movies at times tend to be too real to home. no fantasy. and that gets a bit boring :(


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